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Ethical Conduct Implementation Plan

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Wayward Wireless Corporation


The purpose of this document is to enforce ethical and honest conduct from our employees, vendors, and board of directors. We want to a company that is known for its ethical leadership and steadfast loyalty. A company that places it employees first and where they are proud to work. A company that provides a solid foundation for good moral qualities and one that does not stand for unethical or illegal practices. We believe that everyone should and will be treated fairly and equally and it is our responsibility to ensure that this is being done daily.

Standards of Conducts

Wayward wireless offers a neat, clean and professional working environment free from unethical and immoral behavior. Employees and Board of Directors will not engage in unethical or misconduct that would compromise, discredit or diminish the integrity of this organization ("Board of directors,”). They will respect the authority of those appointed over them and conduct themselves in a professional manner. All employees are expected to promote and display the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct in and off of the workplace, and in compliance with all policy and procedures that promote good order and discipline. Acceptable standard in the workplace help to maintain good relationships at work and it promotes self development and teaches individual responsibility. All Board of Directors will conform and abide to the companies code of conducts policy ("Board of directors,”). At no time will any board member violate any applicable federal, state or local law or regulation. Each Board member will participate in professional activities and will perform his or her assigned duties in a professional manner. At no time will any board members negate or compromise their integrity, honesty, and respect for one another, accountability or professional performance. All Board members will dedicate themselves by leading by example in serving the needs and representing all participants’ interest in this company ("Board of directors,”).

Code of Ethics

Integrity- Each employee will adhere to the moral and ethical principles of integrity. This company tries to pride itself on this principal and will continue to work on it daily. Our goal is to be honest with employees, vendors, and customers while building a trusting working relationship with each one ("Verizon business,”). For our customers, our communities and our stakeholders, we are h ...