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Investigating Into The Causes And Effects Of Absenteeism

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Background to the Study

The Longman’s dictionary defined education as the process by which one’s mind develops through learning at school, college or university. It is universal practice engaged in societies in all stages of development and it is something every nation wants for its people. This ensured the sustainability of the development effort of a nation.

For a country like Ghana to be recognise and ranked a great nation among others, education should be one of the criteria that could be measured or judged with; hence the academic level and attainment of its people needs to be considered greatly.

However, this goal cannot be reached when there is a high level of absenteeism in the country’s schools. It is f or this reason that the researcher took it upon himself to embark and investigate into the problem of absenteeism among JHS one A pupils of Kpong R/C JHS and develop strategies to curb the situation.

One could see it as a social canker which has become an immoral attitude eating into the live of the people. It is seen everywhere in communities which now raise hectic debates to minds of people.

Also absenteeism may be looked at without any considerable impact, but it is consequences on the individuals and the nation could be spoken of as disastrous. In the classroom, absenteeism always retards academic progress of pupils.

It is a fact if a situation like this is in the classroom, teaching work becomes difficult. It was observed by the researcher at his present school which is by name Kpong R/C JHS that most of the pupils do not come to school on some particular days which makes them loses many lessons. Therefore performs poorly during both internal and external examinations.

In spite of efforts in place by the Ghana Government, thus Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE); implementation of free feeding program in some schools to help solve problems associated with poor academic performance in Ghanaian schools which absenteeism is one, most schools the researcher came into contacts with and observed are still confronted with the problem of absenteeism.

Kpong is a small town in the Lower Manya Krobo District that can be located in Eastern Region. Their main occupation is farming which often keeps pupils busy helping their parents since it is the only source of income from which school fees are paid. Pupils who spend most of their time helping their parents do not come to school regularly.

The researcher has acknowl ...