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Research Between the Chosen Business and Globalization with Links to Marketing, Technology and Ethics

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y to make comparisons before selecting the fittest way to raise money to minimize the borrowing costs, and it also help to enhance the standard and skills of financial management through corporations with overseas banks.

II. Political

III. Legal

IV. Social

Research between the chosen business and globalization with links to marketing, technology and ethics:


A specialized marketing and sponsorship team is included in Qantas Marketing and Communications, which is a corporate communications team that manages media relations and company wide internal communications and communication specialists that are located throughout the organization. Qantas has its own marketing strategies as well. The company has designed the attributes and benefits to satisfy the needs of the company's target market. Qantas has its scheduling features that involve the route frequency, convenient time of departure or arrival, limited number of stops or direct flights, the luxury aircraft type and the best connecting airlines available as its benefits for target market. These features provide satisfaction to customer needs and wants, while they make the customers' trip more convenient and less stressful or dull. The comfort based features which includes lounges, in-flight meals and drinks, in-flight entertainment and seat width are benefits offered by the Qantas marketing strategy, which are very attractive to customers since those are luxurious achieving more than customer needs and wants. Actually, since the company has great fame around the world being the leading brand name that comes from Australia, it was well distinguished from its competitors and the fame is a very powerful marketing tool that helps Qantas to attract international customers. Qantas has put quite great effort in its advertising, using advertising agencies to create media advertisements for television, radio, magazines, newspaper, brochures, posters in travel agents and billboards (e.g. there is a giant billboard erected above Qantas Drive). The company also has personal selling based on sales representatives who sell directly to travel agents, businesses and government departments Publicity to enhance the image of Qantas including news releases, feature articles, press conferences and interviews. Since Qantas is a company that runs transporting business, it certainly has overseas businesses such as flights abroad. Globalization has given the company the opportunity to make a fortune transporting passengers and providing services


The airline Strategy Awards 2011, presented on 18th July 2011 in London, went to the Qantas Company, saying that while Qantas is not the first


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