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Live and Let Live

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We all have been told that changes must start in our very selves. That

we should fix ourselves first before we criticize others or before we

even try to give pieces of advice which we believe are effective based

on our own experience and knowledge. And knowing what has to be

changed comes after knowing oneself.

But how many among us are courageous enough to look deep within to see

who we really are and what we are made of?

For so many instances in our lives, we say that we know ourselves

well. We have full knowledge of our composition and are, therefore,

not strangers to our own humanity. We often say that we have so many

firm beliefs, morals and principles that we cannot be influenced or be

misled easily. We say that our actions are guided and that our

decisions are well-deliberated on. We know ourselves in all the facets

of our personality and we love ourselves for what we have become.

But how well do know ourselves?

It is said that there is so much about human beings that we cannot and

will never be able to understand completely. Among these are

abstractions like feelings, awareness, conscience, principles and

religions. So where do we start understanding ourselves when there is

no track to follow? Why is man thought of as a vague entity which

cannot be fully explained by science, religion or any other


Yes, we are that complex. We certainly are more than just flesh and blood.

I guess the very key to knowing ourselves is to first look at the

surface and see what we have become. Who we are is reflected by what

we do consciously or otherwise. We sometimes get annoyed when people

criticize us because of our actions and attitude. We get hurt because

we cannot accept those criticisms which make us feel strangers to

ourselves. We react violently because we believe that we are not like

what they say; that we are only misunderstood or, even worse, we are

just victims of other people's ill-thinking.

But have we ever given time to think over the censuring of others and

see what could have been our fault? Are the accusations really true

and not mere fabrications? Is there something wrong with us?

And when we find out the truth, do we accept it and take

responsibility for our shortcomings? Or do we stick to what we

perceive is right and act like we do not bother at all?

True enough, what is there to mend when nothing is torn? But the eyes

cannot see all that is there. And it is just so hard to look deep

within with eyes wide open and finally accept the truth.

We start destroying ourselves when we start violating rules. A

personal journey towards a meaningful life is always accompanied with

knowing one's limitations. We might be intelligent creations but how

come we sometimes behave like savages?


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