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Mock Trial

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Mock trial roles


-Jinil for the officer and cross of Kim corroborator

-Baljit, direct of Morry Mcfelon

-Jonathan, Cross of the accused


-Thili, Sherlock Poirot

-Aaron, Morry Mcfelon


Direct of officer

-can you tell the court about yourself?

-can you tell the court what you noticed at the crime scene?

-what did you notice about the accused?

-what did you see in the house of the accused?

-was the accused acting cooperatively?

-was the murder weapon found?

Direct of Morry

-how close were you and donald?

-how are you doing in school?

-have you gotten in any recent trouble with the law?

-can you tell the court what happened that night?

-were you and donald just exploring that night?

-did you guys have any intention of committing a crime?

-what did you notice about the accused when she was about to confront you and Donald?

-Did you have a gun?

- Did Donald say anything about having a gun?

Cross of Kim

-how long have you known the accused?

-you were present in the area of the incident? Yes or no?

-you did not go with the accused outside?

-were you and the accused drinking the night of the incident?

-how many bottles roughly did you and the accused drink?

-you two also took a couple shots did you not?

-was the accused agitated at the fact two teenagers were in his shed?

-was the accused shocked at the fact he had hit the kid?

Cross of the accused

-were you angry teenagers had gone into your shed?



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