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Plastic Case

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Some could say that Nicki Minaj and the famous American doll: Barbie, are both fake and plastic. The truth is that Nicki Minaj is a human, while Barbie is a toy doll that little girls play with when they are younger. Ultimately, in some cases it is what they want to be when they are older. In some peoples eyes, they see Nicki Minaj as a self-proclaimed "Harajuku Barbie." Although Ms. Minaj has boosted her own ego in calling herself a Barbie, in reality, she is just another superstar that has let her fame and fortune consume her into thinking that she is a real-life doll, like Barbie. While some difference between Nicki Minaj and Barbie are noticeable, the similarities of their appearance, abilities to be a role model, and their lifestyle are very salient.

Looking at how society views celebrities, in situations they could be considered role models. Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian born American rapper and singer-songwriter, that calls herself a "Harajuku Barbie." However, an actual Barbie doll is a toy that young girls play with. Ms. Minaj was probably like every other young girl when she was growing up, in the fact that she played with Barbie dolls. It is a known fact that Barbie was not invented until 1959 but there was not an African-American doll until the mid 1980s. There are some people that say that Nicki Minaj is among one of the best female rappers of all times but it's very controversial. Ms.Minaj could feel that her joining the rap game was a huge impact on the world, like how the African-American Barbie was introduced into the world.

In society, when we first see someone we tend to judge a book by its cover. Viewing the average Barbie doll she has a "perfect" body including a slim waist. They usually have nice hair that can be any shade or style and still look good. Some have flawless skin and those who do not usually come with makeup so you can make them pretty. Even though the "object" described above was a Barbie doll, Nicki Minaj fits in to every category. She has changed her hair color from bubblegum pink, to seaweed green, to platinum blonde. The true Barbie hair color. When most people look at Nicki Minaj, one of the first things they notice would be her body. Just like a plastic Barbie doll, she has all the right curves in the right places. A lot of clothes that are made for the Barbie doll accentuate that she is a woman, with a feminine body. While at the same time Nicki Minaj dresses with a sort of promiscuity that everyone is able to tell that she is a voluptuous woman. One of the only main differences from Minaj to Barbie is that the doll comes in all different colors, but the main one is caucasian. There are a couple of interracial dolls that are out there, but some people could say that Nicki Minaj is fighting with herself because she clearly wants to be a Barbie; which isn't her. In David La Chapelle's album cover of her most selling album "Pink


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