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A Successful Malaysian Entrepreneur

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Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad formally known as MYDIN. Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd is led by Mydin Mohamed as its Chairman and all four of his sons are on the Board of Directors. MYDIN has grown rapidly under his Managing Director Dato' (Dr.) Hj Ameer Ali Bin Mydin. From a small family business to emporium, it is now going into the hypermarket chain system. MYDIN is not just an ordinary competitor to all local retailing companies. Other big players in the local retail industry are owned by foreign entities such as Carrefour, Jusco, Tesco and Giant. These foreign-owned megastores cannot treat the existence of MYDIN lightly, and has to accept that MYDIN is an aggressive and progressive local retailer that is slowly eroding their market share in the retail industry. Today, MYDIN is known to Malaysians not only for its value for money merchandise, but has a premium brand amongst customers as well as local manufacturers. The local manufacturers have found a conducive and appropriate avenue to channel their products.

Y.Bhg Dato' (Dr.) Hj Ameer Ali Bin Mydin is the Managing Director for Mydin Holdings Berhad. He was appointed as a Director on 2 August 1991, but he was exposed with MYDIN since he was a kid. Now he and his siblings are the third generation managing the family business even though their company has grown exponentially. Upon his return from the U.S., he was more actively to expand the empire.

At first he continued his studies in the field of chemisty, but has changed course and graduate in International Business at Masters level. He feels that education is very important and it should always continuously learn. His parents are very concerned about education therefore he felt very grateful.

In his view, all fresh graduates or growing up adults must get their hands dirty because a lot of learning can be gained in the process but for him getting his hands dirty is his second nature.He knows being an entrepreneurs is not easy therefore he has worked for eight years before he join the family business.


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