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James Hardway

Grand Canyon University: LDR-610

November 30, 2017

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The main characters in this case are Cam Archer and Regen Kessel. Cam Archer is young and seems to have a great future. He is working on a temporary assignment in the role of an account executive. Archer has shown potential and is a great value to the company and their future. Regan Kessel is the new Vice President of Product Management and Marketing.  Archer is faced with a hard decision that needs to be made immediately.  Kessel has offered Archer the new Marketing Director position. This is a job that Archer has desired for a while and will give him the ability to have a better life away from work.  Archer can choose the job as Director of the Marketing Department with Kessel, or take a job in the Product Services area. There are benefits to both positions and Archer needs to decide which ones are the best individually.

When it comes to potential power, Archer has the greatest potential. Archer is well respected by people inside and outside the organization.  This also includes both of the vice presidents who have offered positions in the Personal Service Department and Director of Product Management.  Archer also has the blessings of the CEO to choose whichever job is desired.  Archer possesses expert power from years of work at the company managing strategic alliances and partnerships, the MBA and now the great job with Toys N Stuff (McShane & Von, 2015).  

Each of the other people involved have different power bases.  The CEO has coercive power but does not have any intention of using it in this case which is a good decision.  If that was used in this case it could anger Archer by demanding he take a specific role and possibly cause him and other to leave.  Coercion has a tendency to reduce employee satisfaction, lack of commitment and employee withdrawal.  Archer was in sales, the Vice President over sales had legitimate power.  The Vice president and CEO have the right to give orders based on that position.  The

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Vice President of Sales also had referent power as he had earned the trust and respect of Archer (French & Raven, 1959). Referent power has been earned with the recent involvement with Toys N Stuff, steadying customer concerns and selling an additional $700,000 worth of consulting services.  Kessel has reward power as there is some flexibility in the budget that can be used to entice Archer to make the move to the Marketing group (McGinn, 2006).  Kessel also has legitimate power as the vice president of product management and marketing.  Kessel also has expert power coming from being a successful software executive.  

Social factors are an enormous benefit for one person in particular.  The vice president of sales where Archer worked previously has a prior relationship with Archer and has also earned his respect.  This is the person Archer shared his professional desires with and the person who helped set up the marketing job that was desired.  Archer is not motivated primarily by money as we saw with his involvement with Toys N Stuff, receiving no commission. Archer found constant travel very draining and was looking forward to a position allowing for a more enjoyable life away from work.  Archer should take the original position in the Marketing department.  Marketing is a revenue generating activity which Archer enjoys.  The marketing job reports directly to the vice president rather than a senior manager.  The marketing position would not require travel and allow for a personal life and enjoyment of life away from work.  The marketing position also seems like a better career move.  Archer needs to make a list and review the positive and negative aspects of each position.  Then Archer should trust what emotions are saying.  Marketing specialists discovered that we listen in on our emotions to gain guidance when making choices. This method is analogous to having a temporary improvement in


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