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Ielts Registration Form

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Recommended Guidelines

Although I wish to leave most to your creative imagination, here are a few possible aspects you can cover in your public sector project appraisal. First things first, go systematically in evaluating any project.

  • The single most critical question pertaining to a public sector program is whether in a cost effective way the program truly helps those who participate in it.
  • Provide insights into why a program may not deliver the desired/ intended outcome.

This entails providing information on whether a project provides benefits to the participants explicitly/ tangibly, and determining whether the program as implemented does what it is intended to do. For instance, you can identify the effects of a development project on individuals, households, institutions, economy and the environment. Further, you have to determine if the project is cost effective relative to other projects that could have been undertaken with the same resources.

  • Address the following questions:
  • Does the project achieve the stated goals?
  • Do the benefits of the project justify the private and social costs?
  • Are program impacts stronger for particular groups or subsets of participants?
  • What are the likely reasons why the program is or isn’t successful?
  • How can the design or implementation be changed to improve performance?
  • Whether the project assists the society in achieving its major social goals.
  • In light of your knowledge of Public sector Economics, evaluate whether the project was efficient, equitable, both, none or a trade off existed.
  • Include the idea whether market if left to its own devices would have catered to the problem or whether government intervention was necessary?
  • Whether the project entails externalities?
  • Please read chapters 10 and 11 of the course book if you are still facing difficulty in any aspect of the project evaluation process.

Finally, note that I am not looking for mere intellectual spew of data. I want a story from you regarding the project’s potential benefit or potential costs. Again reiterating, this should be in light of your knowledge of Public Sector Economics.


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