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The Iroquois Creation Story

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There are a lot of similarities and differences in the "Iroquois Creation Story" and the Judeo-Christian version with Adam and Eve. The biggest difference is that In the Judeo-Christian version the Earth was created by God and in the Iroquois Creation Story it was created by a women. A thing I noticed about not just this story but almost all the Native American stories I've heard is that they are all based around nature. Another similarity is the use of good and evil, the upper and lower parts of the Earth in the Iroquois story and the Forbidden tree in Adam and Eve. Both the women in the Iroquois Creation Story and Eve from the Judeo-Christian version were caught up in temptation by animals. In the Iroquois creation story it seems like Enigorio is the equivalent to god and Enigonhahetgea is the equivalent to the devil. While Enigorio took the body of his deceased mother to create the sun and the moon, all while creating animals, rivers, humans and food, Enigonhahetgea is creating things that are a danger to man, like dangerous animals and dangerous landmarks. Although they aren't the exact same and have their own touch to them they have three major things in common; God and the Devil, Heaven and Hell and the creation of the universe.


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