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Migration of the Tustis

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Migration of             the Tutsis


What forces led the Tutsis to migrate name push/pull factors?

  • Pull factor: distance (closeness nearby countries)
  • Mostly push factors mainly the genocide
  • Violence emerged from social and political change

        (This led to discrimination which ended in a genocide of the tutsis)

Trace migration, time and place, include a map

  •  100,000 refugees who went to Burundi, Tanzania, Zaire, and Uganda
  • April 7 1994
  • Rwanda
  • The Tutsis migrated because of a genocide

[pic 1]

What problems and difficulties did they experience on the journey?

  • They were not allowed to come back for 30 years
  • Because this was a genocide they were being killed even if they tried to leave. Many never made it out of Rwanda
  • Food and water was hard to acquire/find

How Did the Immigrants Survive in New Area?

  • Became farmers or got other jobs
  • Most of them went to Uganda
  • They survived with food and water
  •  When Hutus came into power Tutsis started to leave Rwanda(1960s)
  • Impact on new country(DR Congo and other surrounding countries): militiamen(Hutu) responsible for the genocide came in. They targeted neighboring countries Tutsis which lead to more war
  • The jobs that the Tutsis were willing to take is any job because they had just escaped a genocide.They had experienced discrimination in the country that they emigrated from but none or little in the countries that they immigrated to.
  • The migration was forced because they had to leave Rwanda because if they did not they would be killed in the genocide against them.
  • The migration was out of the country, to countries bordering Rwanda like Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda, because they were faced with genocide.

[pic 2]

Places the Hutus migrated to


  •  The Tutsis were targets of genocide by the Hutus
  • The Tutsis were the minority but they were more powerful
  • The Hutus were treated poorly so they decided to get revenge on the tutsis

Causes and Effects:  

  • Obstacles of the Migration are that there were intervening obstacles because the Hutus were committing massacres against the Tutsis were trying to escape.


Most Important Thing About This Migration

It was started by a genocide that killed thousands of people.


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