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The Period from 1019-1054 Gg. Refer to the History of the Ancient Russian State

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Historical work on the period of history from 1019-1054 G.

The period from 1019-1054 gg. refer to the history of the Ancient Russian state. Among the many processes and phenomena should be noted such as: first, the future policy of Christianization begun by father Yaroslav, and education; second, the beginning of the creation in Russia of "Russian truth" - the first written code of laws of the Ancient Russian state.

All these processes are connected with the activities of such figures as the great Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise(1019-1054 –year reign) and Metropolitan Hilarion.

Yaroslav the Wise made an enormous contribution to the prosperity of Kievan Rus: 1036 g they were defeated by the Pechenegs, which provided peace and tranquility, the design of the Church, a tax for the benefit of the Church – tithing. In Novgorod, Chernigov, Pereyaslavl, Polotsk created bishoprics. At Yaroslavl, Kiev was a major center of the Christian world. In Kiev, there were 400 churches. Laying the Hagia Sophia, which was named as the Church in Constantinople, Yaroslav showed their state equality with Byzantium. The Church played an educational role: the monasteries and churches were centers of development and establish the writing. Yaroslav is the founder of the first library in Rus. He insisted that the Metropolitan was a Slav. In 1051 it becomes Hilarion. Under Yaroslav the Wise begins to take shape the first code of laws of the Ancient Russian state, "Russian Truth", which regulated relations in the state: defended property rights, was introduced to Vira-a fine, etc. 17 of the articles of that code was written personally Yaroslav.

Undoubtedly, a major role in this period played in the history of St. Hilarion, a priest of the village Berestova, near Kiev. He was the spiritual mentor of Prince Yaroslav. Hilarion defended the independence of the Church from Constantinople. He was not only a prominent Church figure, but also a writer whose work "sermon on law and grace" was an ideological concept of Russia. Historians assume that Jaroslav Hilarion made the decision on the construction of the Cathedral of St. Sophia of Kiev. The name of the associated first Metropolitan Church "the Charter" Yaroslav-the system of ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

Consider, what between these phenomena there is a causal relationship. First, the process of Christianization and the enlightenment, the adoption of the "Russian Truth", "Charter" Yaroslav the Wise had a common cause: the need to create coherent system, organization, not only the Church but also the legal society of the old Russian state; the strengthening of the authority of the Kiev Prince. Secondly, further economic, cultural development and strengthening of international relations, which demanded the further development of writing and literacy.


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