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Lysergic Acid Thylamide (lsd)

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LSD (Lysergic acid Thylamide) is a well known hallucinogenic drug that creates an altered reality in which time and space are greatly impacted. It's believed that Albert Hoffman accidentally started the use of this drug in 1943 when he accidentally had a taste and started experiencing the symptoms of LSD. Once it hit the market, users were greatly impacted.

In the 1950's and 60's LSD was used for many different reasons. Psychotherapy was one of them. It was believed that LSD helped to look into the subconscious and soul by providing a "trip" that let the user "let go". The trip let the user have deep and enriching experiences where pictures and symbols were the key to understanding.

LSD was also seen as a way to rebel against mainstream society. "Hippies" promoted the use of this mind-altering drug as a way to rebel. Artists would this drug to enhance creativity. And religious people saw it as a way to have in-depth experiences with god.

When LSD was a popular drug, it was easily accessible in the 1950's and 60's. And with this accessibility came a cheap price. One single hit of LSD varied from 8-10$, depending on the quality of the acid. This made it popular with teenagers and young adults. A study taken on the Use of LSD found that more than 8% of grade 12 students in the United States have used it once in their life.

The effects of LSD on the body can either be extremely grave or nothing at all. LSD is not an addictive drug, so users use it thinking that it won't harm the body. This could be the case, but it can also result in extreme mood swings, varied sense of gravity and impaired judgement. This could lead to making a choice that could do the used harm, like running into a busy highway or falling from a great height. LSD also leaves the user with its long term effects such as; psychosis, depression, paranoia and flashbacks.

What LSD users don't realize is that they're not just affecting themselves, but society and the people around them as well. When a user gets hurt, they usually go to the hospital. This money comes out of the tax-payers pockets. When the dealers get caught, they get put in jail. This also comes out of the tax-payers pockets. If a LSD user is pregnant, that could also be affecting their offspring. Even though there is no scientific proof of the effects on the offspring, physicians strongly recommend staying far away from LSD prior to and during pregnancy.

Even thought LSD is no longer as popular, I believe that this drug could be extremely dangerous, because of its colorless, odourless, virtually weightless, paper-like appearance. I also think that it greatly influenced music, like the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

David Petechuck, LSD (Detroit: Lucent books,2005)


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