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My Life as a Military Wife

I love my husband

May God give him strength and courage as he faces foreign soil

May he enjoy his half a year long deployment

May he stay strong and stay safe

I miss my husband

May I be strong and independent

May I find comfort during the lonely nights

May God protect me each and every day that he is not by my side

In Jesus' Name,


This paper has to be at least 250 words.

I cannot believe that I cannot submit my prayer.

Please pray for all of our military personnel overseas and stateside that are serving and fighting for

our peace and freedom.

May they find comfort and strength.

May they return home safely to their family.

May their mind be strong even if PTSD is a major illness during service to our country.

May their family members understand that duty comes first.

May they also understand that they are loved and thought of each and every day.

May they face defeat but learn from it.

May they face success and grow from it.

May they find happiness and success in their career and their fellow armed brothers and sisters.

Dear God,

Thank you for your heavenly blessings.

Thank you for your guidance and comfort and love.

Thank you for your protection.

Thank you for answering our prayers.

Thank you for loving us unconditionally.

Thank you for everything.

Please help us give thanks and glory in your name dear God.

In Jesus' Name,



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