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Burgerking Advertisement "it's Another Story"-Rapunzel

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Essay Preview: Burgerking Advertisement "it's Another Story"-Rapunzel

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It seems to be increasingly clear that beside MacDonald and Wendy's, advertising makes Burger King become one of the top three companies on hamburger chains. Since it was founded in 1954, Burger King has employed many advertising programs, even successful or not. Along with McDonald, Burger King has had an early achievement in the field of advertising concept based on Disney's animated films beginning in the mid 1980s and running through the early 1990s till now. The advertisement which I choose for this essay - "Burger King - It's another story" is considerably relating to the Disney promoting concept. This is a special advertisement released by Burger King to entice not only its adult customers but even the children. It also tries to add a mixture between fairytale and how Burger King can bring more life into tale.

To begin with, Burger King creates this advertisement not only for adults but also for children. Obviously, the advertisement looks like a funny and creative painting. It is filled with attractive colors such as white, yellow, blue and green, which are the children's favorite colors. They also use animation as the main character s of the advertisement. There are a boy and a girl drawn under a kind of cartoon in the middle of the advertisement. In addition, the whole story of the advertisement is based on a famous fairytale, Rapunzel. This is the story which Disney turned into cartoon and is very well-known all over the world. Since the advertisement is eye-catching, children customer can easily understand the overview of it. They are able to guess who the main characters are, what they are doing and what the story of the advertisement is. Undeniably, thanks to seeing the long hair of the girl, children may immediately find out the similarity between the advertisement and the Rapunzel story they used to read or watch. That is the reason why they consider the advertisement very close to their memories and ask their parents to buy Burger King to them only because they like the advertisement. Hence, by basing on the image of a famous fairytale, Burger King has the ability to expand their reputation to children and becomes more famous.

Another point worth taking into consideration is that, through this advertisement, Burger King reaches new level of success by bringing the meaningful message to its consumer. Clear enough, the slogan "It's another story" links people to a different thinking about Burger King. That means, Burger King's advertising program not only focus on real life but also emphasize life in another story. In the advertisement, the image in which the boy is climbing on the tower with a big size back-bag of Burger King to meet the girl on the top describes the message "add mixture between fairytale and bring more life into the tale". Interestingly, from this lovely action of the boy, there will be some people who think that the boy is trying



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