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Dell's Journey with Supply Chain Segmentation

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Essay Preview: Dell's Journey with Supply Chain Segmentation

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Dell's Journey with Supply Chain Segmentation

Sullivan University

MGT 510

Executive summary:

This proposal explains how the roaring dragon hotel ruined its glory and also been in a loss when management was under taken by a western international hotel management and also proposes the ways to achieve the successful profits. Understanding the local culture needs and motivating the employees would always help in boosting the hotel productivity.


Dell, a multi-national company which are known for manufacturing and providing electronic gadgets such as laptops, desktops, cameras, servers, tablets for home user level, small business and enterprise level, was found by Michael S. Dell with$1000 in the year 1984 (Dell, 2004). Dell became acronym for its efficiency and commitment in delivering technology solutions to consumers all over world.

Research on Dell's analytics proved that customer demand is more complex in nature. Dell listens to its customer demands and provides bunch of different segments from its latest technology incorporated products and outstanding services. Market demands multi-range products, low cost and innovative devices that deliver comfort. To resolves these issues dell adopted supply chain segmentation (Davis, 2010).


In 1985, Dell manufactured their first computer of its own design and named as turbo pc. It was sold for $795. In order to compete the same configuration products already available in the market, Dell lowered the price of production and grossed the turnover more than $73 million in its first year. The company was renamed to dell corporation in the year of 1988 and rapidly started opened their first brank in Ireland. It began selling the computers directly to customer through attractive deals instead of selling indirectly to warehouse clubs. In late 1992, it was ranked in the list of fortune 500 companies.



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