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James L'kendrick Donald Life

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My name is James L'Kendrick Donald I was born January 10th, 1994 to the parentage of James and Debra Donald; I'm the youngest of two children. I am a 17th year old graduating senior who attends Skyline High School. Where I am presently a member of the marching band and hold the office of drum section leader. I attend Sure Foundation Bible Church in Desoto, Texas where I presently serve as a junior decan. I attended Kleberg elementary school from pre-k to 3th grade. I had a great childhood playing with my friends, learning how to cook from my mom and grandmother, bonding with my dad and grandfather, at an early age I knew I wanted to be a preacher when I grew up, and I didn't have to want for anything because if I worked hard in school, made good grades, and chores were done right I was rewarded with anything I wanted. But all that changed the moment my mom died when I was 10 years old on February 13th, 2004 from complications of liposuction surgery. Afterwards my Aunt Brenda moved from Jacksonville, Florida to Dallas to help my dad raise me and continue on where my mom left off keeping me on the right path of life. My aunt continued to be a positive force in the direction and path that I take as a young man. During my school years i participated in many activities such as basketball, cooking classes, perfect gentleman, and golfing where I was awarded M.V.P. My goal after high school is to attend Grambling State University, and participate in the Nationally Renowned Tiger Marching Band, and gather skills and knowledge in a major computer corporation to one day have my own computer business, and be a life time member of the Alpha Rho Chapter (KUDOS)



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