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Marketing - Mtv - the Four P's & Bcg Matrix

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Essay Preview: Marketing - Mtv - the Four P's & Bcg Matrix

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When MTV (formerly Music Television) was first launched in 1981, it's sole intent was to play music videos. As the New York City based channel quickly grew it became "a dedicated video-based outlet where both artists and fans found a central location for concerts, music events, news, and promotion." (Wikipedia)

Though today MTV airs mostly non-music programming, it's main product is still the same as the day the network launched; entertainment. The purpose of the channel is to entertain viewers wherever they are. Customers can watch MTV in an extended number of places; in their homes, at hotels, in lobbies, on the internet, and now on their cell phones. The internet has completely changed the way young people watch television. They have an unlimited magnitude of videos that they can stream or download from the internet twenty-four hours per day. Not only do we no longer have to worry about being home in time to catch our favorite shows, we don't even have to pay for cable because most television shows are uploaded to the internet hours after they air. Anyone who has access to the internet can watch them online for free the following day.

Though nothing is free, the price of television can now be included in the consumer's monthly cable, internet, or cell phone data plan fee. Since these are services that most consumers would be paying for already, the cost of MTV is virtually free.

The MTV website is one the station's many promotional tools. Today, youth gather their information about many sources of entertainment over the internet. The face of the channel is their website. The MTV website includes an abundance of videos; music videos, full show episodes, movie-trailers, live performances, and more. Consumers can search recent news about their favorite celebrities, order MTV merchandise, and even play online games exclusive to the MTV site.

MTV also promotes it's shows through commercials, billboards, and magazine ads. Other tools include it's television specials. For example, the Video Music Awards. Not only is this a TV special, it is an actual event that takes place in Los Angeles, California. Throughout the week there are a number of promotional celebrity appearances, events, fundraisers, and parties that generate money and interest for the network.


Jersey Shore: This show will be in it's fourth season starting in October. It is, and has been generating a lot of money and interest for MTV since the first episode. The characters are celebrities and are paid (by fans) to make appearances at parties, clubs, and other events. Question Marks

I Just Want My Pants Back: This show debuted right after the 2011 VMA's. It is certain that MTV is trying to highly promote this series in hopes that it will generate interest and become a star.




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