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Masolw's Hierchy

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Lourdes Buie and Ryan Chacon


Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

"A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting".

The above quote from Abraham Maslow is appropriate for our class and profession because it conveys a true rhetorical statement about how vital it is for us as chefs to be aware of what we are able to accomplish. I will introduce to you Maslow's hierarchy of needs and demonstrate the different levels so that you are able to experience why and how we naturally are able to succeed if we allow ourselves to progress upward. The five levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs takes us from a basic physiological base up to instinctual safety, embracing our commitment for each other's love, a true belief in what we can accomplish and do, and an awareness of what or who we have or are becoming.

When we decide to start preparing a meal for a feast we usually will review the basic ingredients of what has to go into the meal. This is very much like Maslow's first level which is usually shown in graphs as the base of a pyramid called Physiological needs. The basic needs are laying the foundation for individuals to progress to the next level. For example, if we are preparing a soup and we use the best produce and ingredients we are establishing a strong base so that when we move to the next level we are assured a desirable meal. As humans we strive to provide ourselves with the best in life so that we are able to move upward without experiencing too many issues that are within our control.

Majority of us instinctually gravitate towards a secure environment. In our profession we truly ensure the security of safe food handling to prevent any type of illnesses to individuals and to ourselves. Let's say if we are preparing a great meal we want to make sure no one becomes ill nor do we want to have any harm come to us. We take the necessary steps to make sure the food is well prepared with the utmost safety standards and we ourselves are careful in how we prepare it. Maslow's second level offers us this very practical logic because we are naturally seeking safety and security in all aspects of our lives from personal, financial, health and just any other adverse impact of situations.

After putting together a great meal and establishing a welcoming ambiance we are drawn to each other to come together and enjoy our surroundings with one another. Maslow's third level up and placed in the middle of the pyramid are interpersonal needs and involve feelings of belongingness. In our profession we create this draw with meals for individuals to unite and come together. We also use our talents to draw others to our table and create an enjoyable experience that establishes family and friendship unity. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs



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