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Peace Domestic Violence Agency's Programming - Revised Evaluation Plan

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Essay Preview: Peace Domestic Violence Agency's Programming - Revised Evaluation Plan

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Revised Evaluation Plan


Revised Evaluation Plan

Revised Evaluation Plan

In order to effectively evaluate the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency's programming, it seems that some revision is necessary in the original evaluation plan. Furthermore, terms of reference should be drafted along with a timeline, as well as the type of data that would be accumulated during the evaluation process and how this information would be delivered. A solid evaluation plan should be developed during time and it is recommended that this plan should be incorporated right into the program plan, in order to ensure that it is part of the staff's routine documentation. An evaluation team should be assembled to include directors, supervisors, staff, and stakeholders. Research instruments should also be identified in order for a plan to be complete and applied.

Furthermore, terms of reference should be drafted and reviewed. The terms of reference (TOR) seems to be the framework of the evaluation and provides an outline of the process for the evaluation team, which will help them to focus on essential issues. This document should be drafted by management and reviewed by stakeholders. At PEACE Domestic Violence Agency, the TOR is developed and reviewed two weeks prior to any new evaluation. The TOR is a statement of the purpose and objectives of the evaluation, as well as the timelines that should be considered during each stage of the evaluation.

During the process evaluation, it is important to document daily and weekly, in order to keep information updated. This will help at the end of the year, so that backtracking is not necessary in order to provide proper information. Through weekly documentation of activities and intervention of program participants, progress notes, group notes, and attendance logs, monthly reports could be developed in an effort to measure engagement by clients. Also, a daily log of hotline calls, admissions into the shelter, and walk-in clients would ensure that any individual seeking services is documented. These logs would be compared monthly, as part as the monthly reports process and documentation, in order to provide annual reports of the programs assessments of the program's effectiveness. The data obtained from monthly reports could be developed into reports, noting specific statistics, as well as graphs and charts to provide visual aids. Therefore, the original evaluation plan stated: "The process evaluation provides quantitative descriptions of the activities being performed and the results of such activities. This evaluation method provides an opportunity for staff to document evidence that the interventions being used are directly related to the positive outcomes being produced. Furthermore, the staff works as a team in order to provide feedback regarding the evaluation design and implimation. Some questions that are answered during the process evaluation



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