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Shylock's Resolve

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Essay Preview: Shylock's Resolve

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Shylock’s resolve

Dear Jessica,

It has been many moons since I have last seen you. I need not tell you the obvious, but I lost the bond and I am now a Christian. My dear child, I shall pass on all that I own to you and your beloved. I have made many mistakes in my life and wish to rectify them. I have been a bad father. I never took the time to understand and bond with you. You are my daughter, I only looked at you as an extension of myself but as a person in your own right. I now understand how you felt all these years. I’ve left

Behind my trivial beliefs and am now determined to win my daughter back. Jessica, I know there is some hostility towards me and there are concrete reasons for that. Antonio, the merchant, was a seen as kind and friendly man. I too believed this, but slowly the disbelief began. I was ridiculed as a greedy power hungry dog. He took away my friends, gave me new enemies and has spurned our nation. It is because of these actions that I held vexation towards him. And after losing you, I lost control over myself. I wanted to hurl all this anger at someone. I know realise what I have done and am filled with regret. I fear I may throw vengeance upon someone else if I continue on this path. I wish to change and become a better person and a better father. I pray you, come back to me. You are the only chance I have at becoming a better person. And fear not of Lorenzo for I no more hold rage towards him. I wish for both you to come back. Let us rebuild what has been broken. You are the only family I have. I promise you that I will spend every waking second mending our bond. I have put my heart into this letter. Whether you choose to accept it or stomp on it will be your choice. Remember this, no matter what you settle on, I will always love you dear.

Love and Regards,




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