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The Importance of Marketing to Your Selected Organization's Success

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Essay Preview: The Importance of Marketing to Your Selected Organization's Success

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An explanation of the importance of marketing to your selected organization's success

Church and Dwight Co have a brand new product out that will allow taking care of cat personal needs much easier. Marketing is a challenge and discovering the consumer taste or setting the right price can make or hurt your new product. Consumers choose from alternative brands so making products stand out from others can help increase sales. Having a cat litter box for your cat around the house is an opportunity for smaller children to play in. In this case Church and Dwight made a cat Pad that will allow your children to be safe around it but also get rid of cat odor. Destroying cat urine and feces odors is the leading number one concern with cat owners. We took a chance and thought about the small, elderly and disabled animals that have a hard time in this area. Setting the market for pads for them allowed us to reach out to our customers that were in need for a type of pad like this. These pads are Arm and Hammer natural's deodorant that absorbs odors and keeps the house smelling fresh all day. Having unscented and scented pad provide options for the customers to have a fragrance following through their house at all times so that nasty cat odor eliminated. Finding the consumers that needed a new product to help make their life a little easier was a success for Church and Dwight Co. If a company makes it hard to reach out to the consumers they will never be able to market their new product or sale anything.

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