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The Secret of Lv's Success in Japanese Luxury Market

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Essay Preview: The Secret of Lv's Success in Japanese Luxury Market

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There are several elements making LV a huge success in Japanese luxury market. Firstly, following its global expansion strategy, LV has established a MNE and gradually becomes a global brand. Specifically in Japan, LV has implemented an aggressive marketing strategy while it turns to a low-priced strategy to facilitate sales when faced with a weak economy. It also introduced its limited-edition strategy to attract consumers. Secondly, the quality is the core of LV products and the determination for its success in Japan. LV is focusing on constant improvement of quality through employing excellent craftsman and implementing high-standard quality control. Thirdly, Japanese consumers value more on high-quality products so that they believe LV's products deserve high price tags, which help maintain good sales in Japan (Ian, 1999). Moreover, the various advertisements serve as an engine in expanding Japanese market. In 2008, the first TV advertisement broadcast for LV in Paris was translated into 13 languages in many parts of the world, including Japan. In addition, Takashi Murakami has designed LV brand cartoon spokesman for Japanese market, and through this advertising marketing, it develops more potential customers from different ages. Conclusively, all the factors above contribute to the popularity and profitability of LV while the key is LV's know-how to make luxury products and to expand its market in Japan.



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