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Xamining Nato's Role in the Africa-Eu Energy Partnership

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Essay Preview: Xamining Nato's Role in the Africa-Eu Energy Partnership

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I. Examining NATO's role in the Africa-EU Energy Partnership

Estonia fully supports NATO's cooperation and interaction with the Africa-EU Energy Partnership in order to ensure a more energy-efficient future. In hopes to increase living standards for all, Estonia believes in first establishing some means of energy for nations with little access to any forms of energy. Then, Estonia strives to diversify the energy supply by having various forms of energy and multiple suppliers of said energy readily available and easily accessible. Overall, Estonia looks to NATO to help increase energy development in Africa so that the continent as a whole could potentially meet and surpass the UN imposed Millennium Development Goals.

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves stated in an address to the Riigikogu "the security of the energy sector depends on the availability of three energy carriers: oil, natural gas, and electricity". Estonia believes easily accessible energy is a necessity for all regions of the globe and realizes its importance in its own nation. Recognizing the importance of access to energy, Estonia has recently liberated its two major electrical power companies, Eesti Elektrijaam and Balti Elektrijaam, which enable all Estonians to have electricity access. However, in Africa the electrification rate is 41.9% while upwards of 586 million people are without electricity.1 Estonia hopes to significantly reduce these numbers through reliance on NATO funding and involvement and through the use of NGO's such as the Balkan Energy Solutions Team.

Estonia further feels that the establishment of one basic source of energy is not sufficient for every nation in the world today. Energy dependence is a serious issue facing our world today and must be combated immediately. Nations are increasingly relying on fossil fuels for energy when many alternative energy sources are readily available. This is why Estonia relies on a variety of energy sources, specifically oil shale. Estonia is the only country in the world where oil shale provides the majority of energy. NATO must work with the Africa-EU Energy Partnership to help develop alternative sources of power and using Estonia's oil shale industry as a model, help African nations develop local alternatives to fossil fuels.

II. Ensuring NATO's Ability to Operate Effectively in Times of Economic Turbulence

It is essential for NATO to continue to operate effectively even amidst waves of economic turbulence. All member nations must reaffirm their dedication to the continuing stability of NATO to ensure international solidity among members despite potential economic impediments. Estonia has been an active NATO member ever since its institution into the body in 2004. An Estonian official stated "active NATO membership will always remain the top priority of Estonian security and defense policy". Estonia is looking for solid commitments from other member nations in order to ensure the long-term



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