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Last update: December 14, 2015
  • Public Policy

    Public Policy

    In every society, there must be laws and regulations to control and keep every person under order. Without such, a society would fall and mayhem would be created. Therefore, this is the reason why every society has a Government. A Government is an organization or entity which enacts laws, gives authority and administers public policies. Public policies are a means of laws and regulations on specific topics or public problems, which are enacted by different

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    Submitted: November 14, 2012 Essay by VCAR
  • Information Security and Protection - the Importance of Policies and Standards

    Information Security and Protection - the Importance of Policies and Standards

    Information Security Policy The Importance of Policies and Standards For any business, the need to protect its assets is just as important as the need to maintain or increase its bottom line. If a business does not, will not, or cannot enact a sufficient security plan that is the equal to or greater than its needs, it may find itself rapidly losing its assets, its monies, or completely out of business. In addition to a

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    Submitted: November 29, 2012 Essay by lizgray0914
  • You Can't Fire Me! Check Your Policy

    You Can't Fire Me! Check Your Policy

    YOU CAN'T FIRE ME! CHECK YOUR POLICY1 The following case is based on an arbitration case heard by G.W. Bohlander. Names and dates have been changed. Supervisors report that discharging an employee is one of the toughest tasks they perform as managers. Furthermore, termination for absenteeism can be particularly difficult due to the causes of absenteeism, and, in some cases, the past work record of the employee. This case illustrates a typical absentee problem faced

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    Submitted: December 10, 2012 Essay by suefanz88
  • Did Andrew Jackson's Removal Policy Benefit Native Americans?

    Did Andrew Jackson's Removal Policy Benefit Native Americans?

    Did Andrew Jackson's removal policy benefit Native Americans? While America expanded Americans moved West, but encountered a problem, Indians. Wanting more land for farming settlers looked at settling Indian land. Some bought this land from Indians, but most resorted to the government. Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States was a strong supporter of removing Indians from Western Lands. In 1814 he used military force to drive out the Creek nation and acquire Western

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    Submitted: December 16, 2012 Essay by saulpm
  • Venezuelan Government Policy on the Food Shortage

    Venezuelan Government Policy on the Food Shortage

    a. The Venezuelan government was responsible for the various food shortages of the most basic goods throughout their state run grocery chains. This was a result of the governments "war on the private sector". The inefficiencies in the distribution of the food has actually caused more waste than that of the private sector. There is estimated tons of food rotting on a single port alone and many cases of stolen goods that are still trying

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    Submitted: February 10, 2013 Essay by krabs91
  • Dividend Policy

    Dividend Policy

    Overview In 1994, Merrill Lynch published a report that disclosed the change in their investment rating for the FPL Group, Inc.. They had downgraded this rating as they expected the directors would choose not to raise the annual dividend. This also happened to be the first time in 47 years that the FPL Group had not raised dividends. This tweaked the interest of a certain electric utilities analyst at the First Equity Securities Corporation, Kate

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    Submitted: February 22, 2013 Essay by Fara11
  • Long-Term Care - Health Care Policy

    Long-Term Care - Health Care Policy

    Long-Term Care Long-Term Care is a part of Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is a health care program that is available to the people that are over the age of 65. Also, if a person is under the age of 65 and have certain disabilities are able to get Medicare as well. Any person that has End-Stage Renal Disease is automatically qualified for Medicare (Medicare Program - General Information", 2012). This federal program offers three parts

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    Submitted: February 25, 2013 Essay by fordgirl29
  • Dividend Policy

    Dividend Policy

    Introduction The Research Methods course consists of a series of weekly lectures and tutorials designed to introduce students to the basic tools, techniques and processes required to complete the independent study course FINA 1037/1073 (Dissertation). Students undertake the Research Methods course immediately before proceeding to Dissertation (conditional on the recommendation of the Examination Board). (Note: Part-time students will take this course in their second year of study.) The Research Methods course aims to prepare students

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    Submitted: February 25, 2013 Essay by gtowade
  • Acceptable Use Policy

    Acceptable Use Policy

    Abstract Mountain-Top is a consulting firm that provides research and business consulting services to small and mid-sized organizations. It helps organizations to solve challenges and offers them best business practices and tools. To be able to achieve this, Mountain-Top provides ICT resources that assist its employees to give the best services. Purpose of Policy The ICT resources provided by Mountain-Top are subject to misuse and this policy document, Mountain-Top seeks to define the Acceptable Usage

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    Submitted: April 14, 2013 Essay by annebaru
  • Stalin's Domestic Policies Improved the Lives of the Soviet Citizens to a Somewhat, but Not Entirely Beneficial Extent

    Stalin's Domestic Policies Improved the Lives of the Soviet Citizens to a Somewhat, but Not Entirely Beneficial Extent

    Stalin's domestic policies improved the lives of the Soviet citizens to a somewhat, but not entirely beneficial extent. Source E states that "The collectivization of farming, too, began to yield positive results. Towards the end of the decade the grain crops were thirty or forty million tons higher than those that had been obtained under individual farming. Industry was at last able to supply tractors, harvester combines, and other implements in such numbers that Soviet

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    Submitted: April 20, 2013 Essay by k100
  • Competitive Strategies and Government Policies

    Competitive Strategies and Government Policies

    Competitive Strategies and Government Policies This paper will be based on the competitive strategies environment and government policies in the real world of the i-tablet, we now know the i-table falls on the category of the oligopoly. We will identify new companies entering the market and what mergers are used, horizontal, vertical, or conglomerate. Will also identify current and expected government policies and the regulations that are related with related externalities including the taxes, and

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    Submitted: June 1, 2013 Essay by maxa5337
  • Social Media Policies, Concerted Activity and Hr Management

    Social Media Policies, Concerted Activity and Hr Management

    Week 2 Case Study: Social Media Policies, Concerted Activity and HR Management 1. The NLRB has made findings regarding the use of employee posts on Social Media sites to discipline or terminate those employees. Typically these cases occur when an employee posts "negative" information about their current employer or boss. Sometimes these are "public" and other times the employer uses "spies" or "fake friending" to see the Facebook page of the employee. Find at least

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    Submitted: June 17, 2013 Essay by showtyym
  • Security Policy

    Security Policy

    Security policy We have known the importance of information about hospital. Therefore we set a consummate security policy to protect it. The purpose of the Security Policy is to establish guidelines to assist management in the implementation of security initiatives designed to facilitate business, protect employees a, limit corporate liability and safeguard hospital property, business operations, reputation and proprietary and personal information from hostile or criminal acts. For the personnel department, the data is the

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    Submitted: June 23, 2013 Essay by bmemoryl
  • Japans Monetary Policy

    Japans Monetary Policy

    Many observers naturally draw parallels between the U.S situation at present and that experienced by Japan in the mid - 1990s, when the Bank of Japan reduced interest rates to very low levels and the economy was faced the sharp decline in inflation and later turned out to be a protracted deflationary slump.(Alan page 3) 1) Deregulation of Japanese Banks: Not only the Japanese banks are allowed to buy corporate stocks, but also they could

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    Submitted: July 2, 2013 Essay by skapur430
  • Domestic and Global Protectionist Policies Affecting Economies

    Domestic and Global Protectionist Policies Affecting Economies

    ECON 504 - Final Paper Domestic and Global protectionist policies affecting economies Throughout the global economy, there are free trade zones and there are restricted zones. Free Trade exists when there is an absence of government imposed barriers in existence between nations in order to restrict trade. When barriers such as those referred to as protectionist policies exist, free trade becomes restricted. Protection is essentially defined as any action by national governments that will give

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    Submitted: July 3, 2013 Essay by BobbyF
  • Asean Transportation Policies 2015

    Asean Transportation Policies 2015

    Topic: ASEAN Transportation Policies General purpose: To inform Specific purpose: To inform my audiences about how transportation worked in the past and how it is going to change in the future. Central idea: ASEAN Transportation in 2015 Introduction: Most people may already have pass through a touch experiences where when you were in a hurry, you just cannot go nowhere because of the traffic. Thailand is one of the countries where transportation really needs an

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    Submitted: July 6, 2013 Essay by kikimuic
  • Policy Analysis

    Policy Analysis

    The state budget is one of the most important documents prepared by the state government. It offers insights into the priorities of a state government. It addresses some of the key questions of politics; for example, who gets what, how much, and who pays for it all. The state budget is a political document. The process involves the state budget office, state legislatures, and the governor. The mayor's office has received feedback from the city's

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    Submitted: July 28, 2013 Essay by vmsoto
  • The Challenges of Implementation of Policies in the International Community

    The Challenges of Implementation of Policies in the International Community

    In international relations, states have been considered as the main actors in world politics. Several modern states comprise the international community today wherein every state has its own type of government, people and interest. Every state pursues its own national interest in order to preserve its existence. Also, in terms of politics and strategy, states are interdependent. There are instances that a state's interest collides with the interest of another state which cannot be prevented

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    Submitted: August 11, 2013 Essay by celvsmac
  • Coca Cola Staffing Policy

    Coca Cola Staffing Policy

    1. What is Coca-Cola's staffing policy for managerial position: ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric? Does this policy make sense? Ans: Coca-Cola's staffing policy for managerial position is polycentric. They have 25 operating divisions that are organized under six regional groups. They say "think globally and act locally", I totally agree this opinion. Every country has their own characteristics so they do the right choice by hiring the local candidate which can easily understand local customers and

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    Submitted: August 17, 2013 Essay by danielnw09
  • Publix Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2011

    Publix Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2011

    Publix Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2011 Cedric Rhynes Professor Barbara Ferguson ACC 100 12/01/2012 The company whose annual reports were being chosen to analyze was Publix Supermarket with corporate headquarters being located in Lakeland, Florida. After reviewing this company's annual report, it was determined that Publix Supermarket's annual report was broken down into four main sections. The first section is highlighted by a brief company breakdown of assets, risk factors that could impact the company

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    Submitted: August 24, 2013 Essay by cedrhynes
  • Health Policy

    Health Policy

    The word health can have different meanings based on the location where it is being defined. The World Health Organization defines health as not just about being physically healthy it is also about the wellbeing of a person and society. This definition is accepted by most of society. Introduction Health is a primary state, and can not be defined (Bhatia, 2009). Health is considered a state of being disease free. Health is also defined as

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    Submitted: September 17, 2013 Essay by Donna9851
  • Foreign Policies

    Foreign Policies

    Foreign policies after the civil war After the civil war the United States reinforced its policy of isolationism. Isolationism is the act of staying out of affairs and issues in other countries. That didn't last very long due to the industrialization. Industrialization motivated the American people and growing businesses to have relationships with other countries. In 1898 the United States became involved in foreign affairs. This required the US to develop foreign policies to use

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    Submitted: November 24, 2013 Essay by Brandon.sherrill
  • The Economy, Monetary Policy, and Monopolies

    The Economy, Monetary Policy, and Monopolies

    An economist would approach the problem of alcohol abuse by first asking if the purchaser is practical and then provide the alcoholic abuser the trade-off of purchasing and consuming alcohol over a period a period of time verses the amount of money that can be saved by not incurring huge expenses due to the purchase of alcohol and occupying the social time in other ways instead inviting diminished performance on the job resulting in unwanted

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    Submitted: December 1, 2013 Essay by nj.frazier
  • Religious Policy of Akbar

    Religious Policy of Akbar

    Religious Policy of Akbar Akbar is an outstanding ruler whose reign is marked by some epoch marking measures of which perhaps the most important was to integrate the different sections of the society and thereby to provide a solid social base for unity and integrity of the country. His policy of sulh-i-kul (peace to all) had a long antecedents in Indian history. Besides seeing a number of Muslim rulers adopting a liberal policy, religions toleration

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    Submitted: December 2, 2013 Essay by shajer
  • Central Banks & Monetary Policy

    Central Banks & Monetary Policy

    CENTRAL BANKS & MONETARY POLICY Name: Institution: Central Banks & Monetary Policy Objectives of central banks Introduction As the new roles of central banks changed into agencies of public policy, there were underlying objectives that were infrequently stated. In the context it is used, an individual can conclude that objective that underlie all functions for the interest of the economy, is consistent with economic policy of the government. If compared to a case where objectives

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    Submitted: December 8, 2013 Essay by cdeuxe12

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