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A Tale of Two Coaches

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Case Study Analysis 4: A Tale of Two Coaches

Denise Bowden

Grand Canyon University

LDR-600-0102 Leadership Styles and Development

Professor Erick Aguilar

June 19, 2013

The Path-Goal Theory, the leaders help encourage and support their subordinates to determine their goals, making a clear and easy path so that they should know which way to go. Leaders who adapt their style to the situation or the motivational needs of the followers can produce more successful outcomes (Northouse, 2010). Both Coach Bobby Knight and Coach Mike Krzyzewski had integrated the key considerations of their theoretical perspective into their leadership styles. Coach K's first principle of leadership success is taking time to form a meaningful, trust-based personal relationship with each of his players. He treated his basketball team like family. Coach K was a leader who adapted well and could adjust his strategy to different teams and situations. He led by example, and modeled the way for the team. Instead of fear, Krzyzewski relies heavily on positive reinforcement, open and warm communication, and caring support. For Coach K, it was all about the heart, family, motivating, seeing the good in people and bringing out the best in them. Coach Knight was known as "The General," is the head coach at Texas Tech University. He's a fiery, in-your-face taskmaster who leads through discipline and intimidation, which some critics say goes too far (Snook, Perlow, & Delacey, 2005).Knight had gotten fired from a long career at Indiana University for grabbing a student, and prior to that he was filmed clutching one of his own players by the neck. And then an incident occurred during a game when Knight tossed a folding chair across the court to protest a referee's call.

There is evidence of the LMX theory in the two case studies. The LMX theory recognizes that leaders and individual followers will vary in the type of exchange that develops between them. In the LMX theory the type of exchanges between the leader and specific followers can lead to the creation of in-groups and out-groups. Both Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski used motivational techniques and adequate training to help improve their team member's skills and abilities and be successful. Through several vigorous practices, the team members were able to gain confidence in playing the games. Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski both used discipline and tough love and both pushed their players to work and play hard. Coach K took the time out to listen, communicate, and understand his players, he assisted them in helping them by getting them where they needed to go and what they had to do to get there to succeed in winning the game.


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