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People Wanting to Become a Coach

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Essay Preview: People Wanting to Become a Coach

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Why did I choose to go into coaching?

Coaching is a much needed job in the world today, but this job has to involve love of the game. Sports has always had a special place in my heart, "You love every aspect of sports and you love being involved in any way you can", according to Terri Otero my mother and youth baseball coach. There are 3 reasons why I have decided to become a coach. There are many opportunities for advancement, many different sports to be involved with, and many different levels of coaching.

Coaching is a job where there is always room for advancement. There are three main levels of coaching. First you can volunteer which means you can set your hours, but you don't get paid. The second level would be an assistant coach, where you have longer hours and more responsibilities. Finally, the job that most people strive for is the position of Head Coach, while having better pay the Head Coach has the longest hours and the most responsibility.

There are many different sports, but I am only interested in three. Baseball is but for my favorite sport, but it is one of the hardest sport to teach to an athlete. Wrestling is another sport I am interested in coaching, because it is the toughest sport and from my experience the team has more comradery than any other sport. Lastly, football is a sport where you have the longest hours but in a school and community you have the most support.

"Coaching ability or talent cannot make up for a lack of character" (Dungy 3). In sports there are 5 levels of what you can coach in. First there are youth sports where you don't get paid, but it is one of the most important steps because you are teaching all of the fundamentals and main objectives of each sport. In this level you can be coaching kids from five to fourteen. The next level would be middle school coaching. This level involves more mature kids than the youth, but not by much. This is also the level where get the athletes ready for high school sports. Next you have high school coaching, where you have to be stricter on these kids because you are molding the kids into young men. Your main goal is to get these kids to college with or without sports. Next are college coaches, where you are exposed to the media a lot. Your main goal is to get there young me to the professional ranks with a degree. Finally, you have the professional who are the best of the best. The main goal here is to have the best players and win the Super Bowl.

As you can see there are three main reasons why I have chosen to become a coach. When it all comes down to it you have to love what you do.

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