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Satire in Joseph Andrews

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A satire is a humorous or witty exposure of the follies, absurdities, and vices of individual human beings, or of a particular segment of society, or of the society of a particular period of time, or of mankind in general.

The novel Joseph Andrews represent a satire on eighteenth-century English social

life chiefly of the countryside but also, to some extent, of life in the big city of London

There are plenty of social satire in Joseph Andrews, and most of the targets of satire here are affectations of different kinds as well as certain vices. For instance, the opening chapters of the novel contain a satire on female sexuality or (1)social classes when Lady Booby gets infatuated with a mere foot-man. Here is the affectation of a Lady of high status being exploded and shattered. And then Mrs. Slipslop, who is Lady Booby's waiting woman betrays her sensual temperament, and she tries to grasp the same foot-man for the satisfaction of her sexual desire. Mrs. Slipslop's behavior is intended by the author as a parody of Lady Booby's behavior.

(2)institutions satire: Two Clergymen and a Surgeon: Both Mr. Barnabas and Mr. Trulliber are

hypocritical clergymen. Their affectation of piety is direct consequence of their hypocrisy. Mr.

Barnabasis more interested in discussions of legal matters than in his spiritual duties and functions. The manner, in which he administers the last rites to Joseph, is a mockery of what is supposed to be a dove by a true clergyman. Also Mr. Trulliber is a person on Sundays only, being a farmer on the small amount of money to a brother- clergyman. Not only that; his treatment of his wife is also a target of satire. He behaves very badly with her. His meanness in his behavior towards Adams shows the basic hypocrisy.

(3)moral Satire: Country Justices:

The justices whom we meet in the course of the story, present the same picture of affectation

supposed to administer justice and to prevent the breaches of the law. But actually their justice is a mockery of the legal process. The justice, before whom Adams and Fanny are produced on a charge of having committed both robbery and assault, pokes fun at Adams, saying that Adams is wearing a cassock in order to hide his real identity as a robber. Later we meet Justice Frolick who has sentenced two innocent persons(Joseph and Fanny) to a month's

imprisonment merely to please the great lady of the parish of which he is the legal custodian.

Social Satire: Young Gentlemen of the City of

(conc)Satire is always humors and witty; and the above examples of satire clearly show Fielding's sense


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