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Nations and Empires Have Played a Key Role in the History of Globalisation

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Nations and Empires have played a key role in the history of globalisation. Discuss.

Nations and Empires within historical eras have helped shaped globalisation and what it has become today. This essay will entail the effects that major empires and nations had on globalisation, and form a list of positive and negative effects that these had on the world.  In particular, I will be looking at the Spanish and Meso-American Empires, and more specifically their impact on the Columbian exchange, which has been known as one of the biggest events of all time, it essentially connected the ‘new world’ to the Americas effectively renovating the ways of life of individuals at the time. One negative impact that resides from this that I will be looking into is the rise of Atlantic Trade and slavery due to the arrival of the new items from the Columbian exchange.  Another factor I will be investigating is the effects of the Revolutions, predominantly looking at the features of the French Revolution, exploring the wars and power struggles faced as well as social, cultural and economic issues met by Europe, Similarly I will briefly explore the effects of the American Revolution.  Lastly I will explore the ongoing effects of Chinese empires on globalisation, and their experiences with trade routes commodities, explicitly looking into the exports. Considering these specific events in history I aim to demonstrate the important roles these Nations and Empires have played on the expansion of globalisation overtime, all events had a major impact on the process of globalisation, both good and bad.


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