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Company Culture Plays a Significant Role

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Essay Preview: Company Culture Plays a Significant Role

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I have watched this clip and I found it really helpful. I agree with you that the company culture plays a significant role in the business success, especially for the companies specializing in Information Technology field. To build up a strong culture of the company, one of the most enormous contributions is its founder, like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Mitch Kapor -the speaker in this video, the CEO of Lotus company, the founder of Foxmarks. In the talk, Mitch Kapor had mentioned about his company and how he built "a culture that took people seriously". As the case of Xerox or company that we have studied before, Lotus has a strong company culture that had the shared values. It provided a place that employees wanted and liked to work at, where they had the chance to evaluate (their employers' performance), not only be evaluated (by their employers).

That is what I get when I see the clip and go through your comment. I think you have successfully covered the two main points of the clip, which helps the audiences to understand the ideas of Mitch Kapor clearly. Thank for sharing :d

I see that you have a deep understanding about the content of the video. Being specially good at a particular field, getting great co-founders involved, not being afraid of failure, always being ready to confront to trouble, taking a serious care about funding, are what the entrepreneurs should pay attention to. These factors above are obviously vitally important when they first jumping into new business. I think this video also provides an outstanding key about entrepreneurship. That is a caution to entrant to not engage in a business if the space is hot. In fact when starting up a company, people tend to choose a hot area because they see the forerunners did gain a lot of profit in this field of business. It is hot, however, there are thousands of rivals.



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