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Wes Moore

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In The Other Wes Moore, Wes Moore discusses many "crucial junctures" in his life and the life of the other Wes Moore. See page 95 for an example of one crucial juncture. Before writing this third and final reflective essay, take a few moments to think about the crucial junctures in your life.


For this reflective essay, share one of these crucial junctures. In the introduction, clearly identify the crucial juncture in a descriptive, meaningful manner. Use the introduction to create a foundation for the remainder of the paper. To create this foundation, the introduction should provide a clear framework and be a key component of the paper's overall organization. It should help pull the reader into the body of the paper.


The body of your reflective essay will include several paragraphs revealing your thoughts and ideas regarding the crucial juncture. Possible questions to consider as you write the body of the essay:

* What events led up to the crucial juncture?

* How did you feel in the days/weeks/months preceding the crucial juncture? How did you feel during or after the crucial juncture?

* What alternatives existed at the crucial juncture?

* What groups, individuals, or experiences contributed to the crucial juncture?

* Have you shared the crucial juncture with others in such a way that they benefited from learning about your experiences?

* How might your life be different now if you had chosen an alternate direction at the crucial juncture?

Use transitions as you develop the body of the essay to improve organization and flow.


In the conclusion, provide final reflections on your crucial juncture and summarize the points discussed in the body. Discuss the crucial juncture's impact on your life and the lives of others.


Font should be Arial size 12 or Times New Roman size 12. The paper should be double-spaced with one inch margins. The length of the paper should be a minimum of three pages.


For this assignment, we will use the Reflective Essay Rubric. Please review this rubric as you are preparing the assignment.


Please bring your object to class and share a 3-4 minute summary of your paper. Do not simply read from or memorize your paper.


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