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When We Give Our Children Everything They Want

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Essay Preview: When We Give Our Children Everything They Want

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In my own personal opinion, the above topic that I have chosen for this assignment is both TRUE and UNTRUE. I am sure that you too will come to see this fact in many different ways. It is believed to be TRUE, if children begin to demand even as infants they will only be learning how they will get their own way all of the time. I do understand from experience that it is difficult to say no and to hear your precious little ones cry, but it truly is for the best. Another point I have found to be TRUE is, if a child who has anything and everything in life handed to them, they will then be learning that all things in life are easy and will never learn any form of honest value. Here is a hard one, we all would like our children to get anything that their hearts desire, yet if all things are GIVEN as GIFTS then that is really the only way that they will ever be happy with anything in life. The truth is that as parents it is up to us to show them the proper ways of life. We as parents, as well as other loved ones, should be helping these children build character. Children from day one are naive, selfish, begging, needy bundles of joy who need to learn to grow up.

I know for some of us it has been longer than others but seriously, didn't you have to learn to earn through life or not? I can safely and confidently say YES!!! I know that I absolutely hated the fact that my friends always had more than I did or that their stuff was better and newer than mine. It was like very difficult having to WAIT for a birthday or Christmas to come around, all I ever had hoped for was to GET more than anyone else that I knew. Yeah it is hard to believe that earning things is better than just having them given to you, but it's true. If you have to earn things then you will appreciate and take care of it more often than if you were given those things.

It is a proven fact that when it is your sweat and tears that went into earning money, the money you used to buy yourself a new pair of shoes, you then end up keeping that item in good condition for a long time. Remember when you were little and you had just been taken out to buy a new pair of tennis. Remember the joy and excitement that you were feeling, and how proud you were to show them off. Don't forget how COOL you were with them and how easy it was to "work them in" till they fell apart, that never took too long now did it? Man for every scratch, tear, scuff and abused marking that was on them don't you think that your parents were just cringing at the fact that you were not showing any respect for what they had bought and given to you. Finally I have to mention that if everything in a child's life was easy to receive I bet they will end up growing up never really truly understanding the joy of the real struggle to earn it for themselves.

It is known that if you, the parent, are continually choosing the "WANTED"



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