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Modern Industrial and Commercial Pressures

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The indigenous sacred ways cannot be reconciled with modern industrial and commercial pressures because they are very structured ways of life and modern industrial and commercial ways would not fit into their lives. I believe they would be afraid of these things and it would destroy their culture all together. These cultures are one with nature and the earth. They believe that the earth is all that they need to survive. Modern industrial and commercial would be thought of an act of the devil for another words. They are simple people who live completely on the land and modern ways would complicate their every day lives. Not to mention, that is would destroy the land and surrounding environment. The same could be said if we as a culture would be changed to live their way of life. They pray to the earth and gods of nature and worship certain animals while most of us worship one god and only hold one day of observation for that god. They live every day worshiping their gods. They prepare the meals by open flame, so they would be completely lost with a modern kitchen. Look at how they gather their supplies and needs, they would not even understand a Wal-Mart. Many of us would never make. They believe to only take what they need, where we are taught take it all and leave nothing for anyone else. The one thing I can say is that they may not have the convinces we have but they do have a more pure way of life.


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