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12 Angry Men

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I noticed that tat not all juror participated the same. Turtle was one of the less talkative and that less spoke. But the Architect was the person that everyone went to and the one that spoke the most because he was the only one that said the boy was innocent. Architect and Bigot were the ones that had more interaction with each other, they were the ones that had more 1 to 1 conversations. The sociogram tells me that the juror interaction had to do a lot with the way they were seated. From the sociogram I can tell that Meanie and Architect were the ones that wanted to lead the group the most. Their was two many jurors so they couldn't all give their own opinion and so it would be more effective. I also noticed in the sociogram that the ones to the right of Architect were the ones that interacted the most with him because they were more facing him compared to the ones in the left that weren't facing him.

One of the rules that developed in the beginning was that they had to seat in order Foreman being number 1 and Ad Man being number 12. They all decided to vote in the beginning and not discuss it. It had to be 12 votes to nothing that was the law. Architect says he's innocent so they had to discuss because the 12 jurors didn't agree. After they discussed a norm developed they agreed to do an anonymous vote and go from their.

In the groups interaction I noticed that it was information power because they chose the Forearm to help the group reach their goal and guide them to the right direction. He also helped the jurors be focused and constantly asked if anyone had another suggestion so everyone had an opportunity to talk. Even though the Forearm was the group leader the power shifted between Lee Cobb and Henry Fonda. They both used different types of powers though Lee Cob excludes many members of the jury and he tries to convincing the people he views as threats. He also used intimidation and acted like a bully pushing around other jurors to make them agree with him. As where as Henry Fonda engages with many member of the jury so he can know their opinion too. Henry Fonda also explained and even demonstrates his arguments and his opinions. I also noticed he pushed people beyond their own limits to make them begin thinking outside the box.

The 4 jurors I chose are the Broker, Baltimore, Old man and Turtle.

The Broker seemed really smart and educated. This really helped him because he communicated really well his opinions and ideas with the group. He also urged other jurors to avoid arguments and to have a more productive discussion.

Baltimore was able to relate with the boy accused. He's past experiences help disprove the idea that the boy stabbed his father from a downward angle even though he still got nervous when expressing he's opinion.

The Old Man noticed many little details that nobody else noticed and that helped them a lot because without



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