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19th Amendment Women's Suffrage

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Essay Preview: 19th Amendment Women's Suffrage

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Essay #3 - 19th Amendment Women's Suffrage

The United States Constitution is one of the most important documents implemented for the country of the United States of America. Since the beginning of the United States government citizens have been actively fighting for civil and human rights. As a country we have experienced the most turmoil to find liberation and a way for the American people to live fulfilling lives. The American Constitution was set up to cater to the necessary needs of the United States citizens. The American forefathers wanted to create a system that ensured members to protect and not harm the society in which it governed. The preamble states, We the People of the United States this specifies that this new government received it's sovereignty from the people. The design was to stray away from the totalitarian ideas that Britain had in its own government.

With framers adding additional laws and amendments to the Constitution it allowed American citizens to fight for the individual freedoms that interested them the most. The idea of civil liberties to create peace and equality among Americans was widely recognized. Even before the Constitution became the law of the land many believed that sufficient changes to the simple everyday lifestyle of an American should change as well. The Bill of Rights guaranteed civil liberties and human rights for the people of America. Interests from the right to vote to the right to bear arms all tied into the framework of the Bill of Rights. Every American during this time felt these amendments needed to be added to the Constitution.

It restored any uncertainty the American people had about the government having too much control over them. Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness was and still is today exactly what the American people fought for. From a recent Find Law article Strachan states that "The United States was built on the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." (Strachan) The Huffington Post notes "The struggle woman endured to finally pass the 19th Amendment: 56 referendum campaigns aimed at male voters, 480 legislature-based campaigns, 47 campaigns aimed at state's re-writing their constitutions to include woman's suffrage, 30 campaigns aimed at presidential parties including suffrage in their platform, and 19 campaigns with 19 consecutive Congresses. In finally passing the 19th Amendment, federal, state, and local governments were forbidden from denying the right to vote based on sex." (Strachan)

After the 18th Amendment was enacted for Prohibition of Alcohol the women of American decided to make a significant change that would shift the progression of women of all ages in future generations. Women did not have the right to vote at this time in history. Only men had the right to vote and women felt it took away from political freedoms. During the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 the women's suffrage movement begun and lead to the most politically important amendment made for women the right to vote. After the Civil War was over the 15th Amendment allowed black mails the right to vote. This allowed pivotal leaders in the Women's Suffrage movement such a Susan B. Anthony to stand up and fight against women not having the right to vote.

The Women's Suffrage Movement was one of the most influential political movements for women in history of America. It empowered women nationally and in a global aspect and help women push for more rights. The importance of Women's Suffrage earned the women of American the right to vote. After again as I addressed the 15th Amendment was announced that entitled black men the right to vote.

Two national organizations the National Woman Suffrage Association and the American Woman Suffrage Organization joined together to make demonstrations for married women and to fight for small civil liberties like property taxes. It was important for the women involved in Women's Suffrage to gain all the rights on a federal level. Gaining these rights on a federal level would allow many possibilities for these women. It would be allowing them access to the same equal rights as the American men.

Also during the Seneca National Convention it allowed women from different parts of the country to come together who have been advocating women's rights. They all felt a great appreciation for even the idea of the American women gaining equal rights as men. There was a lot of protest, campaigns, and meeting run by women that continued to make progressive moves towards national laws being made for women. There were a lot of questions to the congressional leaders of that time exactly what side they were on. Many of the movement leaders felt that the American men did not feel the right to vote as a necessity for women.

Susan B. Anthony became the national speak for the women's movement. Eventually, becoming a national icon for all women in America. She inspired other young women to become One civil liberty that Susan B. Anthony made a big argument about was property rights and allowing married women to have the same freedoms. During this time divorce was widely opposed in majority of the states.

There were states cases that spoke about a woman's right to divorce her husband and whether or not it was constitutional. So many disappointments lead to a great revolt and feminist making major moves to support women's suffrage. Suffragist felt at this time in American women from all walks of life had to step up to the American Government and seek justice. Many felt if there was not any support from congress or other political leaders that no women would have the chance to have civil liberties that we were promised.

Most of the Women's Suffrage Movement happened during the Civil War and the final push was during World War I. Women pointed out and criticized the Republican Party for being too conservative. Readdressed how women's rights were not important to conservative leaders nor was finding a balance between rights for women. The major concern though for all the women leaders was to maintain the backing of the women's suffrage movement as an amendment. Unless the original 15th Amendment could guarantee the right for women to vote in America.

Until then leaders worked on state and local levels to fight for women's right to vote and continued to prove to the masses that women's rights were important. After the 15th Amendment passed the proposals



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