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When Harry Met Sally - When Men and Women Meet Together

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Essay Preview: When Harry Met Sally - When Men and Women Meet Together

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Men and women together can be like oil and water, they just don't mix. When it comes to workplaces, men do not like to be subservient to women. Even if they will not admit it aloud, because it isn't politically correct, it is true. Men have trouble respecting a women in positions of authority. If a female boss is too much like a woman she is seen as weak and emotional. If she is tough, she is usually dubbed with an unflattering term. Men dislike having to compete with women in any area. When they compete, in career or in recreation, men and women just don't mix.So it come to the question can men and women just be friends without a sexual realationship? This question came across in the the movie " When Harry Met Sally". In this movie Harry and Sally had a long distance friendship and never had sexual intercourse.

Men and women together are all passion and fireworks under the new definition of friendship between men and women. These new relationship parameters are all about just having fun, no commitments, and most of the activities in this friendship are rather intimate. In the movie Harry and Sally had many activities that they did together as friends with out any commitment . It may be fun for a while, but it isn't very moral. According to Formica article there is intimate realationship between sexuality and emotionality, but men and women tend to aprroach that relationship from different points of reference, which clearly impact reactions to infidelity for each each gender*(

Stated in Greif article the" Buddy System" three-quarters of the men in this study said that they have platonic friendships with women, and one-quarter said they do not* ( "I am more comfortable with women. I don't have to prove anything to them, especially if I am not in a dating situation with them. They give better advice than guys. They are easier to talk to" say by Barry a 44 year old man. One sence in the movie was when Sally and Harry was at lunch and Harry said that women do not fake a orgsam. This particler sence would be something that many people would that talk about unless they were married.

When it come to women and men they just can not be friends.Due to the that men and women differ when it comes to there emotionally and physically.



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