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3 Mistakes

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Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

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Organizational Behavior

3 Mistakes

Submitted to Mr. S.X.D’Souza

Submitted By:-

Parth Muley A-34

3 Mistakes

To err is human! If it is so, I may have the consolation of not becoming inhuman because of my many mistakes in life. I am what I am today because of these mistakes and I am proud to say that I have learnt a lot from them.  Research tells us that mistakes are made because of ‘noisy’ information going to brain, rather than the miscalculations of brain, but I believe that mistakes are made so that you can learn from them, so that you can grow from the learnings after making them. As many of my fellow humans (more than 7.5 billion of them) I have made mistakes, some were critical in shaping my life and some were not, although I think every one of them taught me something or the other. I will try to tell about my 3 biggest mistakes which shaped my life:

  • Mistake 1: Forced my parents for a pet dog, even when I wasn’t ready

When I was 6 years old, my father got posted to Jhansi cantt. When we moved into our quarters I found a small pup in the backyard of my house. I really loved the pup and took it to my parents and really forced them to let me keep it. I promised a lot of things to my parents like I will take care of her, feed her, take her out for walks, etc. My parents gave in to my incessant demand and agreed to keep her. We named the pup ‘Diana’ after the princess’s name.

I quickly realized I was not mature enough to handle the responsibility of a pet and regularly forgot to take her out on walks and make sure that she was properly leased. One day, I forgot to leash her and she ran away from them the house. We searched a lot for her but we never found her. I remember that I cried a lot and was very sad, that because of my carelessness and mistake, we lost our puppy. I still think about her whereabouts.

Learning: I learnt that when you are not ready to take responsibility you shouldn’t take it. Also I learnt to take care of my responsibilities and not to shrug them as it results in a loss which you can’t forget.

  • Mistake 2: Didn’t take risks and tried to play safe in college

In engineering college, I focused more on studies instead of focusing on building up my personality by participating in extracurricular activities and events. I believed that studies are more important than these and wasted my rest of time on watching movies and playing games. I also didn’t try to explore on any new jobs and opted for the first company that came for placements. I believed in getting job first and figure about my passions and interest later. After getting the job when the joining date got postponed I was not ready to go out and search other jobs or even give interviews. I wasted whole year waiting for joining letter of my first company which I could have utilized for finding a better job prospect.



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