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3d Laser Scanning

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1. About 3D laser Scanning

2. Terrestrial surveying

3. Mobile surveying

4. Airborne surveying

5. Bathymetric surveying

6. Projects

About 3D Laser Scanning

On land, from the sky or under the water your solution is 3D laser scanning.

GATE's unrivalled expertise in the Topographic & Surveying services introduce the latest digital data capture solutions for precision dimensional control, as built modeling and asset virtualization. 3D laser Scanning.

How does the scanner work?

3D Laser Scanning is a process involving the use of high speed lasers that fire at incredibly high rates of speed. It can be achieved using a variety of different technologies these include terrestrial surveying, airborne surveying, marine surveying and mobile surveying. Each scanner has different advantages, speeds, ranges and accuracies. GATE use these different technologies depending on the task in hand. One thing that is common across all the technologies, are the final deliverables

What makes up the image on the screen?

It is called a point cloud which contains millions of points that can be measure precisely and the distances and elevations between the points can also be measured precisely.

How accurate are the measurements?

The fast answer is between ΒΌ and 3/8th of and inch. Real answer is that the closer and more scans we take the more accurate the scan becomes.

How do you create a 3D image?

You scan an object from multiple sides? So for a building with four sides you would set up maybe 6 times

Are scan measurements as good as regular survey points?

They are the same but the scan has the advantage of the point cloud and photo. The biggest advantage is the number of points you collect scanning. They become survey notes.

How do you draw walls and ceilings and straight lines?

For project like architectural projects we create surfaces out of the walls and intersect the surface planes and the line they form is the absolute best representation of the wall limits.

If we just want to check existing plans and identify any new additions. What we can benefit from 3D laser scanner?

From the point cloud we can get accurate CAD file which you can modify on it.

How far away can you scan?




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