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9-11 Tribute

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9-11 Tribute

As the anniversary of Sept. 11th approaches many have voiced opinions on what type of Tribute should the U.S. take part in. Betsy Toll's suggestion, however, is not only unrealistic, but it is unreasonable to ask our troops to participate in such a suicidal task.

I would think that if Ms. Toll had nephews or brothers in Iraq or anywhere else she would want them to return fire if they were fired upon, even on 9-11. I personally have two nephews about to deploy to Iraq, and I can only hope that if they come under fire they fire back. Asking our troops not to fire any weapons on one day will insure the demise of many of our men and women in uniform. I can assure you that if the U.S. Military ceases fire on one day, the insurgents will continue to fire upon our troops resulting in the loss of life of hundreds of our men, women, brothers, sisters, and spouses. Surely there are various other ways to pay tribute to all of the people who lost their lives on 9-11, but Betsy Toll's suggestion is not one of them.

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