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9/11 Remembrance

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Essay Preview: 9/11 Remembrance

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Shifting between first and third person is something that is not often seen in todays' text. I think that the reason why Kuhn did this is to help display the information in a way that was more easily understandable to the reader. Kuhn's shift between these two views was a way that she could help the readers to understand the text, and to help by building clarity and cohesion in her story.

Kuhn's writing in third and first person is a technique that I have never seen before in any text that I have ever read. When reading this story for the first time I found myself confused because of the shift between viewpoints. To me I think she does this to try to help the reader to understand what her views were and what she was thinking when she was writing it. Throughout the story when she was talking about what was actually happening at the time the story she seemed to talk in first person, because I think that she wanted you to see what she was thinking at the time when she was living the story. Also the way that as soon as the photograph started to gain positive feedback her Mother wanted a lot more of the attention all of a sudden. I like how the Father was more laid back about the whole photograph situation; I think that shows a sense of professionalism my eyes. When she talks in third person she is talking as the writer of the story, because she talks about "Annette" in the story like it is a completely different person. The way that she talks about herself in third person makes it seem like she is writing a well-informed story about somebody else's life. With these multiple viewpoints Kuhn creates a way for the reader to understand the text a little better.

This story was written in a way that the readers would be able to clearly be able to take the information and be able to analyze and understand it. The key to a good paper is to have it so that the reader can comprehend clear and concise text. The first time I read this story I walked away from it not knowing what I read at all because I was so confused with all of these transitions and the information in the text twisting my mind into a pretzel. After we went over it in class and talked about the way that that she shifts between first and third person in order to clearly display what information is being said in the context of the story. When I went back and read it a second time the clarity of the text was remarkable. The story line was so much easier to understand than before. Clarity through first person and third person views make this story easier to read.

Another important aspect that helped me understand is how cohesion helped by playing a major part in making this story readable. When I read this story the first time I was utterly confused about how she was trying to write the story in two perspectives. I like how when Kuhn talks about her Mother in the story she talks about the whole



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