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A Boy from a Man

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There comes a time where young females are tired of guys that act like boys in their lives and want a man in their lives. Every female has a right to their own opinions on what makes a man. A man to me is a man who knows how to be a gentleman, has maturity, and steps up to his responsibilities. Ladies want to be treated right by their significant other; they want a gentleman as that significant other. A man knows how to treat a women by being loving and caring for just that one special women. A gentleman will treat her like she is a conscious, thinking entity with feelings and emotions. A boy is a far cry from being a gentleman towards women. A boy will have no respect for his significant other by not just loving one female but more than one and he could care less if he hurts them emotionally. The way a man handles a situation really shows his maturity. A man knows when to be serious and doesn't bother himself with childish things. A man will want drama out of his life instead of trying to constantly have drama in his life. A boy doesn't know the difference between play time and when to be serious. A boy loves to have drama in his life and at times will cause drama on purpose like getting into a fight for no real apparent reasons. A guy needs to be able to step up to his responsibilities no matter what the circumstances are. A man knows that he is responsible for not only himself or what he likes but for others around him, he'll do what is right instead of doing the wrong thing and him being the only one benefiting. A man is not afraid to own up to his decisions and take full responsibility for them, like getting a women pregnant, his responsibility is to be a good loving father and being able to provide for his new family. A boy will not think of anyone else but himself and how he can benefit from his choices and decisions whether or not they are right or wrong. A boy will make terrible decisions and not own up to his responsibilities nor deal with the repercussions of his decisions, like getting a women pregnant but not being a part of that Childs life and not providing for the child, leaving the women raise the baby on her own because the boy was not man enough to step up to the plate. The three most important things that separate a boy from a man are that a man knows how to treat a lady by being a gentleman, he knows when to joke around and when to be serious and handle situations because due to his maturity, and most importantly, is when a man knows when to take responsibility for his actions and decisions and steps up to his responsibilities.



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