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A Brief Biography of J. Hudson Taylor

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Essay Preview: A Brief Biography of J. Hudson Taylor

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A Brief Biography of J. Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor was born in in 1832 in Barnsley of Yorkshire where he lived with his parents and two sisters. At the age of 16, Taylor had a vision from God where he was told, "Go for Me to China". Shortly following this vision, Taylor moved to Drainside, Hull, where he teamed up with a doctor to gain medical knowledge for calling. Drainside was also a very poor community and a place where he knew no one. This was also done on purpose to allow himself to be accustom to living alone and the dangers of living in a strange area with only God to rely on. (Barlow 2000)

During his time with the doctor Taylor learned valuable lessons on relying on God for all his needs and the power of prayer. Taylor never asked anything of anyone while in Drainside because he knew he would have on one to rely on in China. Taylor relied on God for everything during this time in his life. Taylor was ready to go to China.

There were many trials during the 5 ½ month trip to China including major storms at sea. But God delivered him through it all. Shanghai was in the middle of a civil war at the time of his arrival. Taylor ministered in the river towns until June 25, 1865. He then moved to minister to the millions of inland China. By this time Taylor was married. While on furlough in Brighton, England, Taylor opened a bank account with ten pounds (fifty dollars) in the name of "The China Inland Mission". (Jensen 1932)

Taylor wrote a little book called, "China's Spiritual Need and Claims" around this time. He published 3,000 copies, with the financial help of a friend. He began speaking in public and at various conferences about the spiritual needs of the people of China. His initial goal was to have the means to send twenty-four other missionaries back to China. By the end of his efforts, more than eight hundred missionaries were sent to China through "The China Inland Mission" efforts. (Winter and Hawthorne 2000) Every one of the missionaries were trained in Taylor's home or a nearby building (once the number of trainees outgrew his home).

Hudson Taylor died in 1905. This was just before the communist takeover of China. He will be forever remembered for his dedication to prayer, to God and the people of China. Multitudes of Chinese men and women were converted during his life. Taylor also changed the lives of many missionaries forever as well.



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