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A Descriptive Research of Influences

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Essay Preview: A Descriptive Research of Influences

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Social Media on Students: A Descriptive Research of Influences


A Research Paper Presented to Mrs. Sept Apple L. Zantua

Senior High School Faculty


In Fulfilment of the Requirement for PR 2

(Practical Research 2)










                                             March 12, 2018


We would like to thank all the teachers who helped us for this research. Especially, to our challenging and encouraging Practical Research 2 Teacher, Mrs. Sept Apple L. Zantua, that keeps her eyes on us in order for this study to be successfully and fruitfully done. We are also grateful to the members of our group, where we shared our ideas for everyone’s understanding and patience in overcoming numerous obstacles we have been faced that challenged our teamwork in working this study.

We would like to thank our fellow groups for their feedback, cooperation and of the solidarity. In addition, we would like to express my gratitude to the teaching force and faculty of Davao del Sur School of Fisheries for sharing their thoughts and ideas and for being our learning guide and field.

Nevertheless, we would like to thank our participants for accepting the test of being our source of data and to our validators who spare some of their precious time for checking our survey questionnaire, we owe a lot to them.

We would like to thank our friends for accepting nothing less than excellence from us. Last but not the least, we would like to thank our family and to our Lord Almighty for giving us strength spiritually throughout making this research and our lives in general.


This study has described the influence of social media to the students and the extent of their use of the Senior High Students of Davao del Sur School of Fisheries, Bagumbayan, Malalag, Davao del Sur. With the total sample size of 201 respondents as computed through Slovin’s formula with an error tolerance of 0.05 that composed of the systematized distribution through the Grade, Track and Strands of every students.

The detailed study revealed that the major factors on which social media has its impact in the life of students include their academic performance, social behavior, health and privacy issues. The study that there has been a slight difference in the impacts of social media on both male and female students. To confirm that, major results have been analyzed with respect to gender, age and grade and track as well. Some of the results are like previous studies and researches, while some of the results are contrary to the previous work done in this regard.

Thus, the use of social media has affected and brought to the students both good and bad, henceforth the change is on the hands and mind of a social media user if he/she well be reprimanded by it or he/she will reprimand it to be a great 21st century learner.



Social media has taken part in a great responsibility on our lives at the present time. The public who were greatly affected by this occurrence are purported as Millennials (Social Media includes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and etc.).  And this social media made these people transform, transformations that lead them into an improved or into an inferior person. The study will determine influences on the millennials, and it will explain what changes does the social media brought to them, and it can either be positive or negative. And in fact, large numbers of this societal group are the students.

These students entitled as millennials are the ones who were born between the years 1980 and 2000. They were known for their blend of idealism and entitlement. Unlike previous generations, the advent of technological advances had a huge impact on his generation’s upbringing. (Aguilar, 2016)

Nowadays, people think that their phones (include social media) are the sources of their life so it made them think that they cannot live if they can’t get any physical contact with their phones or can’t get in touch with social media. Posting what’s on your mind, Tweeting what you’re doing, uploading a picture, people interact in the social media so they can make themselves that they are coexisting in the outside world.

We never knew the changes that occurs inside a person after a single tap, click, comment, share, interact and check each of our social media’s news feeds and notification. Social media can be a great use in terms of communication, information source, entertainment, and social interaction. For example, gathering information is a part of a student’s life; social media can be also great information according to the level of control.

People learned to express themselves or their feelings online and that’s what makes the social media as a different kind of a social. People often release their joy, sadness, grief, excitement and their different emotions on the screen. Some, just carelessly share everything because it is where they are enjoying themselves not knowing that they are putting themselves into risk unconsciously.

Ultimately, we ought to know the influences of the social media to its users – the millennials who are mostly students. We believe that through this we can foresee the upcoming revolution or approaching disarray to the following generation with their relation to the so-called breakthrough mace – social media.

Purpose of the Study

This quantitative – descriptive normative research aims to determine the influences brought to an individual after he became a social media user.  These are some of the keys to fully understand the study and hopefully leave questions to these users and lead to realizations. Realizations to the millennials that hopefully produce changes on their use in social media; this study will benefit the school and the students and for the proceeding researchers in the future to develop better understanding of the phenomenon happening between millennials and their social media.



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