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A Dog's Day

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I was watching my puppy and cat play today. Just a simple act of what animals do, they were having so much fun. It's amazing how they just enjoyed the moment. There was a steady light rain falling all around them, and they just enjoyed the moment. They didn't care if they got soaked think they were actually enjoying the rain. They came in before too long, and laid down on the towel provided next to each other. With no worries just had their playtime. For them it was living in the moment, they didn't care if one of them was a cat, and the other was a puppy. They just enjoyed their time together. I wish more people could live by their example. The two of them have always been inseperable they are friends and do everything together. My cat was 10 years old when we got my dog as a puppy 7 years ago. Now, my dog will lie down next to my cat and keep her warm as she sleeps. They still run and play together, and still live in the moment.

My dog was sad the day that we found out that her buddy, and friend had an illness. She came along to the appointment with us. The illness caused our cat to slow down, but she still ran and played with our dog.

Today I watched my dog, play with her friend the cat. This time it wasn't running and playing they were laying side by side on the old towel, living in the moment. I wish most people would live by their example and live in the moment, enjoy the moment because sometimes that's all we have.



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