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Crazy Day

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Terrell Glanton

Narrative Essay

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Crazy Day


This was the hardest day in my life because I had to do so many things in a short amount of time. The three main things that made this day so hard was having to attend school in the morning, going to football in the afternoon, and working (Wendy's) in the evening. These three things by themselves are difficult to deal with but dealing with all three at once made this day the worst day of my life.

First, I went to school and it was a regular day. I thought it was a normal day and all I had to do was get through the school hours and go to practice. But I was wrong. During my first class, my employer at Wendy's called me but I didn't answer the phone. The reason was I knew what he wanted, plus I was in class and I didn't want to interrupt the class. I figured once I didn't answer, he would stop calling me. About two class periods went by and I was getting ready for gym class. I didn't go to the greatest school, so you can guess that there was a lot of stealing. I forgot to put my phone in my main locker.

So I asked my teacher if I could run back to my locker. He said, no, put it in your gym locker. Now three things in life that are certain one, you're going to die, two, taxes, and three never put anything of value in the gym locker unless you have a lock and I didn't. After explaining to my teacher what happens when you leave something in the gym locker, we got in a dispute about how often something goes missing. And everybody knows when you argue with a teacher, you never really win, well, at least not in high school.

Realizing I wasn't going back to my locker; I put my phone in my gym locker. I figured since I told the teacher about the gym lockers, he would look out for it. About 30 minutes after gym class was over, I came back upstairs, went to my locker and my phone was gone. I was so mad about it I just went up to the teacher and glared at him for 5 minutes. After that he already knew what happened and this is just the beginning of the day. Fast forward to the middle of the day. I hear a rumor going around that football practice was canceled. I went to my friend who was also on the team to ask him if he heard the same thing. He told me he heard about it too but he wasn't sure. Now, maybe my day wouldn't have been so bad if I had just asked the principal, who was also my head coach if it was true. But I went on just thinking I didn't have to go to practice so I went to the office and called my job (Wendy's). I told my employer that practice was canceled and I could come



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