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A Doll House Act IV

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Essay Preview: A Doll House Act IV

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A Doll House Act IV

Mrs. Linde and Krogstad are in Mrs. Linde's hotel room discussing the issue with Nora and Torvald. Krogstad admits that the feels terrible for what he has done to the couple, and expresses that he hopes that he hasn't ruined anything for then with what he was done. Mrs. Linde reassures him that he has done the right thing. Torvald needed to know what Nora had done. It might have caused some issues between Torvald and Nora but if that was so, then it was for the best.

Krogstad immediately bursts out with his love for Mrs. Linde. He proposes to her right on the spot! Mrs. Linde assures him that she would love to marry him, and that she will marry him. But she is looking at the situation as the responsible adult that she is. She tells him that though they have both been married before, she still wants to court first, before they get married. She believes that this would be best for his children, so that they can get to know her first. Since she doesn't have any children of her own, she doesn't want her step children to dislike her. Though he is somewhat disappointed by her reaction, he sees the sensibility in it, and agrees.

Then there is a knock at the door. Krogstad gets up from his seat to answer it for Mrs. Linde. It is Nora. Both Mrs. Linde and Krogstad are surprised to see Nora standing there before them, but quickly usher her in, out of the cold. Mrs. Linde asks her what she is doing here with them. Nora replies that she has left Torvald and the children. The pair gasped in disbelief. Why would she have done such an unspeakable thing? Nora tells them of what happened at the house, and that she was just going to try to find out who she was as a person. After she figures that out is when she will decide if she will go back to Torvald.

Mrs. Linde asks Nora how it is that she plans to "find herself". Nora replies that she will have to find some work and a place to live, but that she is going to "find herself" by, simply, living on her own; gaining her own opinions of the world, having to fend for herself, and that in the end, hopefully, it will make her a better wife and mother. Krogstad apologizes to her for what he had done to her, and blames himself for what she is doing now. Nora tells him not to apologize what he did, and actually thanks him for doing it. Without the thing he did, she wouldn't have found the strength within herself to ever leave and try to better herself. Krogstad understands what she is saying, but apologizes again anyways, out of sympathy. Mrs. Linde, then, offers to share her room at the hotel with Nora. Nora thanks her, and says that she will only stay a short time, until she can get on her own feet.

Krogstad then looks at Mrs. Linde, and she returns him gaze. Mrs. Linde turns to Nora and shares with her the news of their engagement, and their plan to court. Nora becomes so overwhelmingly joyful



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