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A Form of Rebellion

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Essay Preview: A Form of Rebellion

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1. Is Sammy's quitting a form of rebellion or a statement of some sort? What is he rebelling against?

a. Sammy's quitting is a statement for the rights of the girls who came into the store with only the bathing suits on and barefoot. The girls were unnoticed throughout the store by the store manager, Lengel, until they arrived at Sammy's counter. With the direct and grilling and questioning of the girls appearances, which caused the main girl to blush upset Sammy. At which point, since the manager would not let up on the girls appearance and embarrassing them even more, Sammy quit and took a stance of watching some young girls, whom Sammy thought, especially "Queenie" to be beautiful infuriated him.

b. Since the girls came into the supermarket in just bathing suits along with no shoes on was against the store policy. The manager made a scene in Sammy's eyes bullying Queenie and he quit. Nobody even comes in the store dressed like that, a mistake? Yes, but tell them once and not grill them. Sammy did not how Queenie was being treated, which is why he quit.

2. What's the connection between sexual titillation, a chain grocery store, and a rebel without a cause?

a. The girls coming in wearing swim suits; distracted and deterred Sammy from

his job as a check out clerk. The chain store policy is to prevent peoples' attires such as swimsuits to be allowed. Due to the store policy, the embarrassment the manager caused to Queenie and the ridiculous store policy, Sammy was done with the treatment of watching someone be cast out.

3. Is the girls behavior itself a kind of statement or rebellion of some sort? What message are they sending by walking into the AP in their bathing suits?

a. The girls were unaware of the policy and did not think anything about their appearance until the manager approached them. However; while the girls strutting around the store looking for the herring snack for their mother, could be very true or it could be a deceptive way of trying to stay out of trouble. Yet with the three girls descriptions by Sammy, it sounds more like they were young teen girls doing a quick errand for a mom. So to me I do not feel it was intentional at all.

4. Why, for Sammy, is the world going to be so difficult for him now?

a. Sammy feels as though things are going to be difficult for him is because the manager Lengel was friends with Sammy's parents. Now that he was insubordinate to his manager, the relationship with his parents are going to be strained, finding a job in a small town with a small town mentality where everyone knows your name, will make finding a new job for Sammy difficult. Also the position Sammy had at A&P was a position most people wanted and the position will be filled quickly, hence



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