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A Good Man Is Hard to Find

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Essay Preview: A Good Man Is Hard to Find

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My Opinion on this short story

In my opinion this short story could have brought my mind several different ways. I see this story as a learning experience for people and a way to teach people that not all good things happen to good people. I feel, as this is a way to show people what life is truly about and how some people think that nothing bad could happen to them. It makes you question why people do what they do. Do people act upon what they see rather than what they know is the right thing to do?

In the short story the author has hit every way that the people that surround them often mistreat the elderly. Their opinions are either not noticed or they are just simply criticized. This story goes to show you that kids and younger adults simply seem to ignore, as you would say their "elders" an example of this involved the grandmother's strong, southern heritage. She thinks that anyone that could find her dead on the side of the road will know that she lived a long life and was a lady. She told stories about her meeting southern gentlemen wanting to be with her. The grandmother is a woman who believes in God, but seems that when she comes into counter with the misfits her faith seems to disappear just a little bit.

This story seems to want to teach a lot of different lessons. One of them being that people in today's world are misleading, young, and religiously misguided. The grandmother to me symbolizes the older generation which is somewhat seemed to have disappeared from today's world. As most people in the new generation don't seem to listen to what the older generation has to say even though they have been around much longer. The grandmother tried to tell the younger generation in this story about how she used to live when she was younger and explained to them stories about her encounters and lessons that she has learned in her lifetime.

The misfit is a prime example to show how not everyone is a good person. The grandmother tries to push her religion on him and tries to tell him how he should pray to become a better person. The misfit doesn't seem to take anything the grandmother says seriously. It seemed to me that he thought he was to good for her and thought that she was just an elderly lady who was just too full of herself and God. Personally I think the grandmother should have never tried to push her religion on the misfit, it could have saved her life by keeping her mouth shut.

The grandmother wasn't the only person that seemed to spark my interest it was also how the kids reacted to what the grandmother and their parents had to say. They didn't seem to acknowledge or care about the lessons their elders were trying to teach them. This is a prime example of "why people do what they do". Why do kids act like nothing bad will happen to them or why they think they can get away with



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