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A Life with Facebook

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A Life with Facebook

The rise of Social Networking continues to strike nationwide. It hits more than billions of people because of the exciting environment and the purpose it brings- to help you find and connect to different people from your friends, your friends' friends and all sorts of acquiantances. It was just last year when Mark Zuckerberg's "Facebook" got its major major stardom. It came right before our PC's screens and with just a click on the mouse, we have entered a world that's hard to resist and escape.

But what makes this social network a thief of our attention? Lodestones as it may be, they attract so many people. And a drug as it may seem because the people are hungry for it and even ask for more.

Social network offers a lot of feautures and various unique applications that drag millions and billions of users. Few of these many components that build the network are- chat boxes that we only usually see on yahoo's and other chat websites, different fun games are already enjoyed here and numerous apps from other friendly-user sites are now packaged.

The users spend almost half of their day just to check on their accounts that makes our youth specially students to forget their books and instead of facing their book, they are now putting their faces on Facebook. A lot of people experience delays on deadlines; instead of doing their preferred activities they end up on Facebook.

Social network though offers a lot of enjoyment but still there's an other side that tells us to be aware. Aware in its consequences. Enjoyment or waste it may give to its users but the decsion is still within us.

Facebook has been an integral part of our culture. It marks a status on everyone's life. If you have it, then you're in.

If you don't then you're out of the culture trend. That's the point right there.



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