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A Rose for Emily

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"A Rose For Emily"

The story of William Faulkner's story "A Rose for Emily" is for us to know that when people show signs of feeling lonely it is better to offer a helping hand, rather than not doing anything at all. Faulkner, created Emily a mysterious character in a small town. Emily tends to keep to herself and her silence adds to her mysterious character. This then makes Emily become distant from the community, after the death of her father and Homer. The presentation of the story is such that the reader could almost imagine a group of citizens sitting for coffee discussing the life of Emily. They see her as strange, lonely, isolated, and proud individual who had little happiness in her life and was a constant mystery that could not be solved. .

As the story begins, we know about Emily's death. We can see that men in the town go for respect, but the women just go see the house. The experiences of Emily are presented in such a manner that even though they are not presented in chronological order, there is logical flow from one another continuous. No one could ever come to an understanding of why she chose to remain isolated, after her father death. No one understood why she never had guest over. Her life remained a puzzle until the day she died. But this could have been prevented if those around her would offer some help, instead of speculating.

Emily was a victim in her life. She was raised and violated by the strict mentality of her arrogant father. She was one of the most beautiful looking ladies in the town. Her father never believed there was anyone good enough for her. By the actions her father took, he was denying her the opportunity to choose her future. This then led her to think that she did not have a lot going on for her in life. She only knew what her father allowed her to know. Emily's father was the closest thing in her life, so when he passed away she was in denial, and refused to give up her father's body to the burial. After her father's death Emily felt lost, and she was not to blame, since it was her father that always decided what was best for her. Emily had the opportunity to be guided by those in the town, but instead she shuts them down and prefers to lock herself up. Doing so only allows her mind to deteriorate. Isolated from her surroundings, prevents her from realizing that she is not alone and people around her actually have sympathy for her.

She had one love, Homer Barron. When she met him, she had hopes that her life would actually turn out just fine. She finally had the opportunity to be with someone that her father would have probably never approved. This man made her feel as if life had a point, that she even allowed herself to be seen by the neighbors. She had hope that Homer would ask her to marry him. But he never did, and this brought her hopes down. He then disappeared, and the town speculated that



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